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Out of the Blue Anthology Series, Featuring Comics Experience Alumni, Gets a Fourth Volume!

Former Comics Experience Operations Manager Marta Tanrikulu and her co-editors Corey Fryia and Marcus Muller will be seeking submissions for Colossal Chaos, the fourth volume in the Out of the Blue comics anthology series. Colossal Chaos will feature “unique, original, surprising and (perhaps most importantly) strange stories” about gigantic creatures and machines. The editors are looking for stories in the vein of King Kong, Godzilla, The Iron Giant, and Pacific Rim. Submissions will be open from June 10 through June 30.

The previous volumes of Out of the Blue feature stories by Comics Experience workshop members past and present, including Marta Tanrikulu, Yutaka Dirks, Emily Elmer, Toni Harrison, Martin Plsko, Terence Anthony, Matt O’Keefe, Michael Gordon, Federico De Luca, Tomas Marijanovic, Nic J Shaw, ET Dollman, Sean Rinehart, Marco Della Verde, Glenn Møane, and Ramon Gil.

Out of the Blue is published by Stache Publishing. Royalties from the anthologies are donated to The Comic Book Project, a child literacy program that teaches young people how create their own comic books. Previous volumes are available on Amazon and comiXology. Colossal Chaos’s estimated release date is November 2017.

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Posted by Jennifer de Guzman