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5 Week Online Course | Thursdays, November 14 – December 19, 2013 | Skip Week November 28 | Instructor: Robert Atkins

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Advanced Figure Drawing and Construction

In this advanced course, you’ll focus more specifically on how to draw natural-looking people in a variety of ages, genders and body types. Drawing a believable person in your style is essential to professional comic book art. With an understanding of basic anatomy, the next hurdle is making that figure look dynamic and natural on the page.

You’ll receive in-depth instruction on how to use the human figure to tell story, emote and provide believable action in comics. The Advanced Figure Drawing course examines these methods and provides experienced instruction on how to achieve that professional look.

While the focus of the course is dynamic and emotive figure drawing, the most valuable aspect to the course is having a full-time professional comic artist as your instructor. Each week, class members receive personal critiques and feedback on their work.

There is also open discussion and opportunities to ask questions about the comic industry beyond just creating the art. Topics like: how to break in, methods for setting up at conventions or the proper way to show a portfolio to editors and established artists, how to work with editors, and what’s expected of the artists are all frequent conversations throughout the course.

You will be able to discuss any questions you have on process, freelance work, working with writers, and receive personalized real time answers from an established comic professional!

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  • Requirements
  • Meets one night a week between 9:30 and 11:30 pm EST, for five weeks.
  • You will work with professional comic book artist Robert Atkins.
  • You will pencil a finished 3-page story and finished penciled cover.
  • You will keep a sketch thread throughout the course to practice the skills discussed in class and provide a place for further instruction and critiques.
  • You also get exclusive access to a dedicated class member-only online forum.
  • You’ll have access to recordings of any class in the series for the duration of the class and a few weeks after its conclusion–so you never have to miss a class!
  • Simply click on the PayPal button and you’re enrolled.
Robert Atkins

Robert Atkins has established himself in the comic book industry, known for his penciling work on military action in books such as G.I. JoeSnake Eyes, as well as superhero titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Venom and Heroes for Hire. After earning his M.F.A. in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, Robert immediately started working in comics.

Along with Robert’s comic work, he’s built up a portfolio and clientele of commercial art and product lines including package art for Hasbro: NERF, Star Wars: Black Series action figures, Marvel Legends, and many other toy lines! Robert is also working on video game concept illustration and environments for Playful Games. Anyone that has taken any of Robert’s classes can attest to his sheer passion for artwork and teaching!

Like all of Comics Experience’s instructors, Robert is not just a top professional in his field; he’s also an accomplished teacher as well. After graduating and then teaching at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Robert has also developed an official mentorship program for the school that has placed a number of students in the art industries’ workforce. And now Comics Experience is pleased to be able to pass that working knowledge on to you!

I don’t really want to BE a comic book artist, but I like comic book art. Is this the class for me?

You are under no real pressure to complete the active homework assignments. We encourage that you do because it enhances your own learning. But if you just want to get into the mindset or gain a better understanding of how to look at and evaluate the art you see in your hobby, then jump on in and we think you’ll be astounded by all the thought, preparation, and skill that goes into making a rock solid comic book page.

What do I do after the class?

Once the course is over, you’ll have a greater understanding of how to draw the human figure. It is then up to you to continue to draw the figure in your comics, animations or illustrations and put into practice the lectures given during the course.

The homework associated with the class encourages students to draw on a weekly basis, filling their sketchbooks with anatomical studies of the figure. This habit can be continued after class as you refine your understanding of the body and how to move figures around in space.

The Creator’s Workshop forum is also a fantastic place to refine your work and receive critiques and encouragement from a community of artists and comic professionals.

Do I need to know a whole lot about comics?

Absolutely not. This course is based on the basic anatomy taught in the Introduction to Figure Drawing and Construction course, so you must have taken that course to take this one. The class has a quick pace, so if you’re very new, be prepared to work, but one thing we pride ourselves on at Comics Experience is our ability to teach to an individual’s skill level.

Do I need to be a computer wiz for the class?

Nope. Not one bit. You need to have high-speed Internet access and headphones/ear buds to listen in. A microphone is helpful, but that’s by no means necessary. Ultimately, you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to, though we like hearing your voice! Once you’re in your first class, we’re sure you’ll get comfortable very quickly.

What computer programs do I need for this course?

None are an absolute necessity, however a scanner and editing program like Adobe Photoshop (Elements or full program) are very useful in posting your homework to the course message board so your instructor can critique them. We have had students simply take photos of their work and post that way as well.

When does the class meet and for how long?

The Advanced Figure Drawing class meets once a week for 5 weeks. It meets between 9:00 pm EST and 11:00 pm EST. The course is held live.

What if I miss a class?

Don’t worry if you miss a class. All of our classes are recorded and available to view via streaming link for the duration of the course. And on top of that, you’ll have exclusive access to the Comics Experience message board set up just for the class. You’ll be able to interact with the rest of your class all week long at any time!

If I don’t live in the United States, can I still take the course?

You bet. We’ve had students jump in from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. Not Antarctica yet, but give us time! Many of these students have not been able to attend live, and they’ve all been happy to view the recordings and interact with their classmates online!

If I don’t want a career in comics, and just like making comics or even just want to learn more about the art form I love, is this class right for me?

Sure it is! How better to expand your knowledge and understanding of comics than by engaging with creators? And that’s what most of our clients and students are–they’re creators. It’s a great place to learn just for fun if you wish too. We’d love to have you!

How do I sign up?

Click on the PayPal button for this course and you’ll get an email confirmation and instructions within two business days giving you everything you need to get started with the course.

Go ahead and reserve your spot today! Space is limited.

Prerequisite: You must have completed the Introduction to Figure Drawing and Construction course to enroll in the Advanced class.

To participate in our live online sessions you will need:

  • A computer or mobile device that meets Go To Meeting’s minimum requirements
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Headphones/ear buds with microphone (optional, but strongly suggested)
  • A mind like a sponge!