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4 Week Online Course | Wednesdays, October 30 – November 20, 2013 | Instructors: Paul Allor, Rob Anderson

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Making Comics: Self-Published & Creator-Owned

You have a script. Now how do you turn it into a professional-looking creator-owned comic book? Or maybe you’ve self-published a comic already, but you didn’t achieve the results you expected?

In this four-week course, designed specifically for writers, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find an artist/colorist/letterer and even an editor!
  • Market & promote your creator-owned comic, from news outlets to conventions
  • Work effectively with your collaborators and handle conflicts
  • Distribute your comic, whether in print or digital formats
  • Minimize your costs throughout the project
  • Submit and pitch your comic (if you want a publisher)
  • …and even how to use your work to pursue future work-for-hire gigs (if that’s a goal for you!)

Your instructors have done all of the above and are ready to walk you through the entire process of creating a professional-looking project, while helping you avoid the costly mistakes that many writers learn “the hard way.” They will share every hard-earned tip they’ve learned along the way!

We’ll also be joined one night by special guest Paul Montgomery, co-host of iFanboy’s Pick of the Week podcast, who will provide insight into how to approach media outlets and seek coverage of your work!

Paul Allor has published creator-owned work such as the critically acclaimed Orc Girl (Challenger Comics) and the self-published anthology, Clockwork: Volume 1, which featured professional artists like JM Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants), Brett Weldele (Surrogates) and Nikki Cook (Memoir). He has since gone on to write properties such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for IDW and Pathfinder: Goblins for Dynamite, while continuing to develop new creator-owned titles. In addition to his writing work, Paul has served as editor on several titles, including the currently-ongoing Sheltered from Image Comics.

Rob Anderson began self-publishing with his comic Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit in 2009, and has since gone on to write My Little Pony for IDW, the Rex, Zombie Killer creator-owned mini-series published by Big Dog Ink, and has edited and contributed to the series Great Zombies in History, now collected in trade paperback form by McFarland Press.

Join Paul and Rob for this nuts-and-bolts course that will save you time, money, and pain.

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You’ll learn how to develop your script into a professional-looking comic book, or how to improve your next project!

  • You’ll hear specifically how and where you can seek collaborators, and how to effectively work with them.
  • You’ll receive advice on controlling your costs, choosing a distribution method and marketing your project.
  • In short, you’ll get Paul and Rob’s wealth of hard-earned experience in self-publishing your creator-owned work…or even how to place it with a publisher!
  • Class meets one night a week between 9:00 and 11:00 pm EST, for four weeks.
  • You also get exclusive access to a dedicated class member-only online forum.
  • You’ll have access to recordings of any class in the series for the duration of the class and a few weeks after its conclusion—so you never have to miss a class!
  • You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about your own projects and challenges, to get you the help you need to succeed!
Paul Allor

Paul Allor is a comic-book writer and the founder of Gov’t Comics. He recently completed Clockwork, Volume One, a collection of five-page stories written by Paul and illustrated by various artists, including JM Ken Niimura, Brett Weldele and Nikki Cook. He has also worked on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise from IDW publishing, and the Pathfinder franchise from Dynamite Comics.

In addition to his writing work, Paul has served as the editor on several titles, including Rex, Zombie Killer, Girls Night Out and the currently-ongoing Sheltered,  from Image Comics. Additionally, he is a graduate of writing, art and lettering classes through Comics Experience. Paul holds a day job in municipal economic development, and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Management from Indiana University.

Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson is the writer of the Creature Cops miniseries published by Comics Experience/IDW and the Rex, Zombie Killer miniseries published by Big Dog Ink. He has also written My Little Pony issues for IDW, in both the “Friends Forever” and “Micro-” series. He was the editor of the Monkeybrain series Strange Nation and original series editor of, and a contributing writer to, the Great Zombies in History anthology trade paperback published by McFarland Press. He is also an alum of many Comics Experience courses, and the former General Manager of Comics Experience, where he still participates in the Creators Workshop online community. Rob’s business background is in both Internet business start-ups and book publishing, where he was involved in the development and marketing of numerous law book titles for the attorney market.

Are there any prerequisites for this course? Do I need to have a completed script?

There are no prerequisites for this course. In fact, you don’t even have to have a script in hand. This is about teaching you the in’s and out’s of taking your comic from script to published product, and you can learn about that even before you’ve completed your script.

Is there homework?

There will be no assigned homework assignments for this course, but if you want to make comics, you may want to start applying some of the lessons as soon as possible! Those who decide to pursue some of the steps during the duration of the course will have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and receive feedback as they progress.

I’m a writer/artist. Is this course for me, too?

Absolutely! While you may not need to find an artist, which will be a topic of discussion, just about everything else will still apply to your situation, from finding a colorist and letterer to marketing and promoting your work.

What happens if I can’t make a class one night? Can I make it up?

Have no fear–each class is recorded and you’ll have access to the recording for the duration of the entire course. If you miss one night, no problem! In fact, we have students from all over the world and it’s not uncommon for some to never attend a single session live–but they still get a great class experience through the recordings and interactions on the private class online forum!

How much interaction and feedback will I get with and from the instructors personally?

As with all Comics Experience courses, one of the greatest aspects is the level of interaction you get from the instructors. This course is no different. Paul and Rob will be taking your questions during the sessions, as well as answering your follow-up questions in a private online forum available to class members during the duration of the course.

What do I learn here, that I can’t learn some place else?

With all of our courses, we pack a ton of information into every night. But with this course, in particular, we can save you time and money. You’ll receive, in an organized fashion, our distilled knowledge on making comics, and we can walk you through the steps of creating a professional-looking product, while avoiding the costly mistakes that many writers learn “the hard way.”

To participate in our live online sessions you will need:

  • A computer or mobile device that meets Adobe Connect’s minimum requirements
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Headphones/ear buds with microphone (optional, but strongly suggested)
  • A mind like a sponge!