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1 Day Online Course | Saturday, October 29, 2016 | 10AM - 4PM EST | Instructor: Jim Zub | Co-Host: Andy Schmidt

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Master Seminar: Building Your Comic Project with Jim Zub

Jim Zub - Dungeons & DragonsJim Zub’s success with books like Wayward and Skullkickers came not just from great content, but also from great planning, both creatively and financially. New and experienced writers alike can learn from Zub’s recipe of business savvy and character-driven stories.

In this seminar, we’ll drill down into Zub’s methods for financial analysis, budget-building, finding collaborators, putting together an effective pitch, and approaching publishers.

Zub has mastered many different aspects of creating comics, conquering the world of creator-owned and self-published books as well as teaming with established publishers. If creating comics is your goal, whether as a writer or an artist, then this is a Master Seminar you should not miss!

We’ll cover planning, pitching, and pitfalls in this entertaining and informative one-day seminar!

Zub will answer questions from attendees.

Please see the tabs below for all the pertinent details, and remember, this one-day Seminar has limited seats—register now!

Recommended for writers and artists alike. Sign up today!

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  • Held Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 10:00 AM Eastern Time until approximately 4:00 PM Eastern Time with a one-hour break for lunch.  
  • You will learn from both lectures and demonstrations presented by Jim Zub.
  • You will be a part of a private Q&A with Zub and host Andy Schmidt.
  • You will learn about financially planning a comic book project.
  • You will learn how to find great collaborators.
  • You will learn how to be a great a collaborator.
  • You will learn about the different avenues to publication.
  • You will learn how to prepare a project to pitch it and how most effectively to pitch a project.
  • This Seminar is $295. For Creators Workshop members, a $50 discount is offered on the forums.
  • You’ll have access to a recording of the seminar for two full weeks after it’s held—including the Q&A portion.
  • Exclusive, one-day-only Seminar!

Simply click on the PayPal button and you’re enrolled!

Jim Zub

Jim Zub

Jim Zub is a writer, artist and art instructor based in Toronto, Canada. Over the past fifteen years he’s worked for a diverse array of publishing, movie and video game clients, including Marvel, DC Comics, Capcom, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, and Bandai-Namco.

He juggles his time between being a freelance comic writer and Program Coordinator for Seneca College’s award-winning Animation program.

His current comic projects include Dungeons & Dragons, a new series celebrating 40 years of the classic tabletop RPG; Thunderbolts, the return of Marvel’s villainous superhero team; and Wayward, a modern supernatural story about teens fighting Japanese mythological monsters.

Comics Experience is thrilled to have Jim join us for this Master Seminar.

Andy Schmidt (Co-Host)

Andy Schmidt

Andy Schmidt, former Senior Editor at IDW Publishing, former Editor at Marvel Comics, and writer of such comics as 5 Days to Die, X-Men: Divided We Stand, and G.I. Joe: Future Noir launched Comics Experience for people who want to make comics or work in the comics industry.

During his nearly six years at Marvel Comics, Andy edited such popular comic books as X-Men, X-Factor, Alias, Secret War, Captain America: The Chosen, Iron Man / Captain America: Casualties of War, Avengers Classic, and the Annihilation saga. As an assistant and associate editor, Andy worked on nearly every major character in the Marvel canon—from Spider-Man to the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

In 2007, Andy founded Comics Experience to pass his knowledge on to students. In 2008, Andy wrote an authoritative, Eagle Award-winning book about making comics: The Insider’s Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels, published by Impact Books. In 2010, he created the Creators Workshop as part of Comics Experience, where students can learn and grow together as creators. In 2013, Andy left corporate life and began consulting and writing in the Entertainment Industry on properties such as Spider-ManThe AvengersGuardians of the GalaxyStar Wars, and Transformers as we all as consulting with film and television studios.

In January 2016, Comics Experience launched a digital-only comics line from Creators Workshop members available exclusively through ComiXology.

Andy is the co-host of the Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast and you can follow him on Twitter at @ComicExperience.

Do I need to know much about the comic book industry?

Not at all. The whole point of this seminar is to tell how the industry works and how to navigate it.

Do I need to know a whole lot about comics?

Absolutely not. While this seminar is specifically about the business side of comics and forming a completed pitch, having an intimate knowledge of comics prior to the seminar is not necessary.

Do I need to be a computer wiz for the class? 

No, but you do need to have high-speed Internet access. We recommend that you have headphones with a microphone to plug into your computer, but that’s by no means necessary.

What if I can’t attend at the last minute? Can I make it up?

This is a one-time seminar so there is no way to make it up, but if you have enrolled, you will have access to a recording of the session for two weeks after it’s held to review as many times as you like!

What computer programs do I need for this seminar? 

None at all.

If I don’t live in the United States, can I still take the course?

You bet. We’ve had students from every inhabited continent. Not Antarctica yet, but give us time! Many of these students have not been able to attend live, and they’ve all been happy to view the recordings!

What if I don’t have a comic idea I want to develop today? Is this seminar still for me? 

Sure it is! If the idea of creating a comic or graphic novel is on your bucket list, then start learning how to do it now! It can only serve as a huge advantage to have this kind of preparation done before you begin!

How do I sign up? 

Click on the PayPal button for this course and you’ll get an email confirmation and instructions within two business days giving you everything you need to attend Master Seminar: Building Your Comic Project with Jim Zub!

Go ahead and reserve your spot today! Space is limited.

Prerequisite: None! All are welcome!

To participate in our live online sessions you will need:

  • A computer or mobile device that meets Adobe Connect’s minimum requirements
  • to agree to the terms included in Comics Experience’s User Agreement.
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Headphones/ear buds with microphone (optional, but strongly suggested)
  • A mind like a sponge!