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Comics Art & Coloring

Comics Experience’s art and coloring courses are taught by instructors who are industry professionals and teachers of the highest caliber.

Level 100 Courses

Our 100 level courses are open to anyone who wishes to enroll—and they’re great for beginners all the way up to seasoned pros alike. Our Level 100 courses have no prerequisite requirement.

Level 200 Courses

Our 200 Level courses move beyond the basics, teaching higher level skills and craft as well as diving deeper into the industry as a whole. Please check your course’s “Requirements” tab for any prerequisites.

Level 300 Courses

Our 300 Level courses are our “Go Pro!” line up—designed for those who are determined to reach a professional level of work and understanding of the industry and freelance business. Please check your course’s “Requirements” tab for any prerequisites.

  • Instructor: Phillip Sevy

    Developed by Andy Schmidt and artist Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, Magdalena, The House) and many more), this eight-week intensive class for artists takes each student through a virtual studio development program, addresses their goals, and provides student-specific direction for their prospective career. More Details...

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    8 Week Online Course

    Started October 25, 2017