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Past Faculty & Guests

  • Garth Ennis

    Garth Ennis started his comics career nearly 20 years ago now and is best known for creating the hit series Preacher. He has written steadily since his break out success on such titles for DC/Vertigo like Hellblazer and Hitman and writing for Marvel Comics on The Punisher. Garth’s love of military history has made him hands-down the finest war and action comics writer working today. Don’t miss 303 from Avatar Comics or The Boys and Battlefields from Dynamite Entertainment!

  • Christos Gage

    Christos Gage is a graduate of Brown University and the American Film Institute (AFI), where he earned a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting. He has been a professional writer for over 15 years, with credits in movies (The Breed, Paradox), television (Law & Order: SVU, Numbers) and video games (Captain America: Super Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2). For more than 10 years he’s been a prolific and fan-favorite comic book writer, with credits at nearly every publisher, including Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Wildstorm, Dark Horse, Valiant, Avatar, IDW, Dynamite, Oni and Top Cow.

    Breaking into comics in 2004 with the DC Comics miniseries Deadshot, Gage soon made his mark at Marvel with the Union Jack miniseries, edited by Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt. Gage’s work on that led directly to the project that put him on the comics map: The Captain America/Iron Man Casualties of War one-shot that tied into the blockbuster Civil War event, and showed off Gage’s trademark skills at using continuity without getting bogged down in it, combined with strong character-based action. He’s worked at Marvel ever since, co-creating the long-running Avengers Academy series and, most recently, on the best-selling Superior Spider-Man, both co-writing issues of the ongoing title with longtime collaborator Dan Slott and penning two annuals on his own.

    Gage has also worked for just about every other publisher in the industry, on both company- and creator-owned projects. He’s done serialized comics as well as original graphic novels like Area 10 for Vertigo/DC and Sunset for Top Cow. He’s equally comfortable writing alone or with a partner, including collaborations with veterans like Dan Slott on projects such as Superior Spider-Man and Avengers: The Initiative (which Gage later became the solo writer on), as well as relative newcomers like Mike Costa, who Gage teamed with on the critically acclaimed G.I. Joe Cobra…and let’s not forget Christos’ wife Ruth, with whom he co-writes most screenplays.

    In 2011, Gage was tapped to write Angel & Faith Season 9 for Dark Horse, continuing the adventures of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer characters in canonical comics executive produced by Joss Whedon. His work there resulted in him becoming the writer of Season 10 of the flagship Buffy title starting in 2014. He’s been in writer’s rooms and summits with such luminaries as Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Ed Brubaker, Brian Bendis, and more.

    Gage has collaborated with a who’s who of artistic talent, including Neal Adams, Lee Weeks, Tom Palmer, Humberto Ramos, Adam Kubert, Rebekah Isaacs, Chris Samnee, Mike Perkins, Butch Guice, Howard Chaykin, and countless others.

    While in film school, Gage heard an instructor make a comment he’s found to be true: everyone gets a shot, but most people aren’t ready for it when it comes. We can’t promise that taking this course will make you ready for your shot…but you’ll be a lot better equipped than most!

  • Jonathan Glapion

    Jonathan Glapion comes from a family of artists. His father was a self-taught painter, from whom Jonathan learned his impeccable work ethic. He began his career in comics in 1997 with Todd McFarlane Productions. He credits his success in inking directly to his one-on-one time with Todd McFarlane where he learned the importance of an inker’s job and what an inker brings to a project. Some of Jonathan’s career highlights include his appearance on an episode of  Popular Mechanics for Kids  and inks on such high profile titles as Batman, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Final Crisis Revelations, and Ultimate X-Men, to name a few. He has also worked on DC comics’ Outsiders with Dan DiDio and Philip Tan, and TMP’s Haunt #8—9 with Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane.

  • Mark Guggenheim

    A native of Long Island, New York, Marc Guggenheim practiced law at one of Boston’s most prestigious firms for over four years before leaving to pursue his dream of writing professionally. That legal experience led to a staff position on David E. Kelley’s Emmy-winning show about Boston attorneys, The Practice. That same year, he sold his screenplay, Musical Chairs, to Sid Sheinberg’s The Bubble Factory.

    These opportunities led to an invitation to join the writing staff of Law & Order, where he wrote for three seasons before moving on to the critically-acclaimed series Jack & Bobby, and later, the ratings juggernaut CSI: Miami. It was Jack & Bobby that introduced Marc to Greg Berlanti and the two resolved to create a show together, a pact which led to the development of Eli Stone, for which they received a Writers Guild Award nomination for Best Drama Teleplay.

    While writing and producing the Eli pilot, Greg pulled Marc in to help him produce the first season of Brothers & Sisters, which has become a Top-20 hit for ABC. (Marc has also written on L.A. Dragnet and In Justice for ABC.) In addition their work executive producing and writing the second season of Eli Stone, Marc continues to collaborate with Greg as a co-writer on the feature film version of Green Lantern to be directed by Martin Campbell for Warner Bros.

    While maintaining a successful career in television, Marc simultaneously pursued other creative avenues. A life-long comic book fan, he has been writing comics professionally since 2005, beginning with a two-issue stint on DC Comics’ Aquaman, which he parlayed into two critically-acclaimed runs on Marvel Comics’ premier super-hero, Wolverine. In November 2007, Marc launched his first creator-owned series with Oni Press, entitled Resurrection, which has been optioned as a feature film by Universal Pictures.

    Marc’s other comic book credits include Amazing Spider-Man, Young X-Men, Supreme Power, Superman/Batman, The FlashBlade, and Super Zombies.

    In addition to television, film and comic books, Marc is continually exploring other mediums. He’s written the scripts for numerous videogames, including Perfect Dark Zero, Call of Duty 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Last year, he adapted a new Stephen King short story–N.–as a 25-part mobisode series that was available online and through iTunes.

    Marc currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Tara (a fellow TV writer and WGA nominee, who is co-creator of the CW dramedy Reaper), their four-year-old daughter, Lily, their twenty-month-old, Sara, and their cat Rocky.

  • Robert Kirkman

    Robert Kirkman‘s first comic book work was Battle Pope, an intentionally offensive superhero parody released in 2000. Shortly thereafter, Kirkman and artist Cory Walker were hired to do a SuperPatriot  miniseries for Image Comics.

    In 2003, at the request of Image Comics, Kirkman and Walker created Invincible. The story surrounded the adolescent son of the world’s most powerful superhero who develops super-powers of his own.

    Shortly after the launch of Invincible, Kirkman and Tony Moore began The Walking Dead, an ongoing series set in a world inspired by George A. Romero’s zombie movies. The book has gone on to outshine the already impressively critically acclaimed and successful Invincible.

    Kirkman’s work for Marvel Comics has included a revival of the 1990s Sleepwalker series, Captain America, Marvel Knights 2099, Jubilee, Marvel Team-Up, Fantastic Four: Foes, Marvel Zombies, Irredeemable Ant-Man, and Ultimate X-Men.

    Kirkman left Marvel Comics in 2008 and was invited to join Image Comics full-time as the first creator to become a partner at that company since it was originally founded. He now does almost exclusively creator-owned work and has become a spokesman for creator rights and pushing the comics medium forward.

  • Jae Lee

    Jae Lee first rose to prominence in the industry for his work on Marvel’s Namor the Sub-Mariner, Inhumans (for which he won an Eisner Award), and The Sentry, as well as his creator-owned character Hellshock at Image Comics. Lee has recently completed work on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower at Marvel Comics.