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The Comics Experience Make Comics podcast provides ~15 minutes of advice per episode on all aspects of creating comics and breaking in to the industry.

Join Comics Experience founder and former Marvel and IDW Editor Andy Schmidt and his co-host Joey Groah as they discuss making comics! (Also, big thanks to the co-host of the first 50 episodes, iFanboy's Josh Flanagan!)

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Episode #51 – By Any Means Necessary

If your goal is to work in comics “by any means necessary,” what are your options? Do internships really work for getting your foot in the door? What about after that? And what about the difference between Assistant and Associate Editors? What’s the scoop?

Episode #50 – Now What?

Suppose you’re working hard at making comics, and you finally get published. What do you do next? Josh and Andy talk about how to conduct yourself as a comic book pro and try to help with the kinds of decisions a new creator can make. Getting into the party is hard, but that’s just the start.

Episode #49 – The Title

What’s in a name? Where to even start?! When you’re pitching comics, there might be nothing more powerful than the title when it comes to first impressions. With a single word, you can lose or gain eyeballs in an instant. No pressure right? But there are a lot of things to think about in terms of titling comics. Josh and Andy go over all the elements a creator needs to consider when naming your baby.

Episode #48 – The Cover

It turns out that we haven’t done a show about the cover. And what is more important than that? A listener question kicks off a conversation about what is important to a comic book cover. What does it need to be effective? What about the logo? There are so many variables, and Josh and Andy go on and on.

Episode #47 – Physical Comic or Website?

Say you’re trying to get some work making comics, and you’re talking to an editor at a convention. Is it better to hand him or her finished comics, or just direct them to your fancy website? Well, it all depends, really. Josh and Andy talk about what you need, mostly as a writer, to get work for hire jobs, or even to get your book published. Like most things in making comics, there’s no simple answer, and it all depends. Easy right?

Episode #46 – Is My Idea Good Enough?

You’ve got a killer idea! Or do you? How can you know if it’s worth the time, effort, money, and likely discomfort of turning thought into comics? While there is no definite answer, Josh and Andy bat the concept around for a while, and come up with some guidelines and starting points you can use when deciding whether or not to go for it.