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The Comics Experience Make Comics podcast provides ~15 minutes of advice per episode on all aspects of creating comics and breaking in to the industry.

Join Comics Experience founder and former Marvel and IDW Editor Andy Schmidt and his co-host Joey Groah as they discuss making comics! (Also, big thanks to the co-host of the first 50 episodes, iFanboy's Josh Flanagan!)

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Episode #12 – Marketing

Marketing comics, especially those that don’t contain everyone’s favorite superheroes, is about the hardest thing in the world. Indie comics have little to no budget, and it’s a challenge to get anyone outside of the existing comics market to even look at comic books. And yet, without marketing your comics, there’s almost no point in making them. We’ll talk about some of the ideas and tools creators have at their disposal, and the importance in thinking about marketing when it comes to comics. It turns out there’s a lot to talk about.

Episode #11 – Artist Portfolio

We’ve got our first email question, and it’s about portfolios. An artist trying to break into comics relies on their portfolio, either physical or digital, it’s a group of artwork specifically choreographed to show exactly what kind of comic book skills they have. But what should the portfolio highlight? Should there be superheroes? Action shots, storytelling, talking heads? A little of everything? Andy breaks down what editors are really looking for.

Episode #10 – Inspiration

“Where do you get your inspiration?” It’s a question asked of almost all artists, writers, and creators alike, but we take a moment to explore where we have heard inspiration springs from. Some comic writers read poetry, for example. For real. Most important is that where you get your inspiration spurs you to better creations and art.

Episode #9 – Online Networking

Online networking is perhaps the greatest tool prospective comics creators have ever had. Access to other creators, and marketing power, and a world of information has never existed like it does right now. But there’s another side to all that as well. If you’re going to use social networking to forward your comics career, there’s much to consider, including how you present yourself to the world as a creative professional.

Episode #8 – Building A Page

The foundation of the comic book story is the page. How a reader experiences a sequential story is determined by the layout and the storytelling skills of the artist. What does any of that mean to a newcomer? What works best? What is the grid, and how can you become proficient at building effective comic pages? We can’t solve all that for you, obviously, but we’ll give you a start in the right direction.

Episode #7 – Professionalism

It sounds good to work in comics, right? You can stay at home, and talk about supervillains and eat cereal whenever you want it. Well, that’s not all there is to it. If you want to make a career in comics, you want to be a comic book professional, and that means acting with professionalism. Andy and Josh take some time to talk out exactly what that means in the comic book industry. It’s not necessarily the same thing as with other businesses, but it’s important to remember, and goes hand in hand with bringing your talent to the comic book industry.