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Kieron Gillen

Kieron Gillen first entered the American comic market in 2006 with Phonogram: Rue Britannia, the critically-acclaimed cult comic with his long time artistic collaborator Jamie McKelvie.

Since 2008, Kieron has worked for a variety of American publishers, most extensively Marvel, for whom he has written commercially and critically successful books such as Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, Young Avengers, Journey Into Mystery, Star Wars: Darth Vader and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. He’s basically written every character you’ve heard of, and probably quite a few you haven’t.

After their GLAAD Award-winning reinvention of Young Avengers, Kieron and Jamie McKelvie managed to create the New York Times best-selling creator-owned sensation The Wicked + The Divine.

Kieron is in a position where he gets to split his time between his own projects and whatever Work for Hire projects appeal – presently Star Wars for Marvel.

He is brave enough to entitle this Master Seminar “Surviving Work for Hire” while being entirely aware that this is probably jinxing it.

Andy Schmidt

Andy Schmidt

Andy Schmidt, former Senior Editor at IDW Publishing, former Editor at Marvel Comics, and writer of such comics as 5 Days to Die, X-Men: Divided We Stand, and G.I. Joe: Future Noir launched Comics Experience for people who want to make comics or work in the comics industry.

During his nearly six years at Marvel Comics, Andy edited such popular comic books as X-Men, X-Factor, Alias, Secret War, Captain America: The Chosen, Iron Man / Captain America: Casualties of War, Avengers Classic, and the Annihilation saga. As an assistant and associate editor, Andy worked on nearly every major character in the Marvel canon—from Spider-Man to the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

In 2007, Andy founded Comics Experience to pass his knowledge on to students. In 2008, Andy wrote an authoritative, Eagle Award-winning book about making comics: The Insider’s Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels, published by Impact Books. In 2010, he created the Creators Workshop as part of Comics Experience, where students can learn and grow together as creators. In 2013, Andy left corporate life and began consulting and writing in the Entertainment Industry on properties such as Spider-ManThe AvengersGuardians of the GalaxyStar Wars, and Transformers as we all as consulting with film and television studios.

In January 2016, Comics Experience launched a digital-only comics line from Creators Workshop members available exclusively through ComiXology.

Andy is the co-host of the Comics Experience Make Comics Podcast and you can follow him on Twitter at @ComicExperience.

Paul Allor

Paul Allor

Paul Allor is a comic-book writer and the founder of Gov’t Comics. He recently completed Clockwork, Volume One, a collection of five-page stories written by Paul and illustrated by various artists, including JM Ken Niimura, Brett Weldele and Nikki Cook. He has also worked on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise from IDW publishing, and the Pathfinder franchise from Dynamite Comics.

In addition to his writing work, Paul has served as the editor on several titles, including Rex, Zombie Killer, Girls Night Out and the currently-ongoing Sheltered,  from Image Comics. Additionally, he is a graduate of writing, art and lettering classes through Comics Experience. Paul holds a day job in municipal economic development, and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Management from Indiana University.

Nicole Boose

Nicole Boose

Nicole Boose began her comics career as an assistant editor for Harris Comics’ Vampirella, before joining the editorial staff at Marvel Comics. There, she edited titles including Cable & DeadpoolInvincible Iron Man, and Stephen King’s Dark Tower adaptations. She also oversaw Marvel’s line of custom comic publications, developing projects for corporate and nonprofit clients like Target, OfficeMax, SAMHSA, and TeachersCount.

Since 2008, Nicole has worked as a freelance editor and consultant in the comics industry. She works regularly with writer Mark Millar, named one of Hollywood’s 5 Most Powerful Comics Writers, and has edited titles for his Millarworld line of creator-owned comics, including SuperiorSuper CrooksJupiter’s LegacyMPHStarlightThe Secret Service, and Chrononauts.

An active member of the Comics Experience community and staff, Nicole has also provided dozens of script critiques for Creators Workshop members, worked one-on-one with clients in the mentorship program, and currently manages the Comics Experience blog and newsletter.

Born in Philadelphia and a long-time New Yorker, Nicole now lives near Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, daughter and son. Follow her on Twitter at @NicoleBoose.

Phillip Sevy

Phillip Sevy began his comics career with Heartless Dark, a weekly webcomic he wrote, penciled, inked, and colored. At its conclusion, Phillip attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where he got his MFA in Sequential Art. Working primarily as an artist, he’s had work published by Zenescope, Hic & Hoc Publications, and SCAD as well as featured in a variety of anthologies. After completing the four-issue miniseries The F1rst Hero for Action Lab Entertainment, he was named a runner-up in the 2013 Top Cow Talent Hunt competition.

For Top Cow, he drew the Magdalena short story Adelphia (which appeared in an issue of Witchblade) which led to him drawing the IXth Generation one-shots Athena IX and Poseidon IX and issues 5-8 of The Tithe (with series co-creator Rahsan Ekedal) as well as contributing to Witchblade 185 (the final issue of the landmark series).

Phillip just wrapped up a 12-issue run on the new Tomb Raider ongoing series from Dark Horse Comics, written by Eisner-Award winning writer Mariko Tamaki. His creator-owned miniseries The House (with Drew Zucker) is currently being released on Comixology and his creator-owned oneshot Paradox just wrapped a successful Kickstarter.

Phillip’s worked with a variety of corporate clients doing commercial illustration over the last few years, including AMC Entertainment and the Sundance Channel. When he’s not drawing, he teaches Comics and Sequential Art at Broadview Entertainment Arts University where he’s won awards for Outstanding Faculty and Excellence in Applied Learning.


Reilly Brown

Reilly Brown

Reilly Brown has worked as an artist on a number of Marvel’s fan-favorite stories such as the mutant buddy-team of Cable & Deadpool, the infamous “Thorcules” fight in Incredible Hercules, and Spider-Man’s gig as a substitute teacher at the Avengers Academy in Amazing Spider-Man.

Brown is a also a digital comics pioneer with his creator-owned Power Play, as well as the recent Deadpool: The Gauntlet, which rethink comics for digital devices.