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Mike Malve

Mike Malve

Mike Malve has always made himself available over the years to publishers, pros and retailers alike over the years. And in doing so, he has acquired more great knowledge than you can possibly imagine. Fortunately for us, he’s more than happy to share it with our workshop members. He is frequently consulted by the top names in the industry. Be it Stan Lee or Jim Lee, he was always there to offer expertise as one of the top comic retailers (Atomic Comics) in the world.

Mike’s new business venture is a company called Epic Digital. Epic does software development, animation, and App development. Mike still talks daily to many comics creators, be it via twitter or the old fashioned phone call. Mike Malve is still a comic guy and will be forever.

Mike is a board member with the Hero Initiative where he works with great people like Joe Quesada, Mark Waid, Brian Pulido, George Perez, Jim McLaughlin and more.