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Phil Jimenez

Phil JImenez

Diamond and Inkpot Award-winning artist Phil Jimenez (Infinite Crisis) has nearly 25 years of experience illustrating in the comic book industry. Jimenez’s art is well known for its density, its multi-panel design, and the “acting” of its characters on page. His artwork was featured in two of the top 10 single best-selling issues between 2000 and 2010.

From his early days as a George Perez “clone” to his modern work, now wholly his own, which mixes a classic approach to drawing with modern sensibilities of design, Jimenez approaches characters as actors, backgrounds as sets, and storytelling as a director does, using lighting, acting, location, design, and emotion to elicit the strongest possible reactions from his readers. He remains best known for his work onWonder WomanInfinite Crisis, New X-Men, and The Amazing Spider-Man.