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Episode #123 – Setting up a Website for Your Comics

Andy and Joey talk about the different ways of setting up and thinking about goals for your website for making comics. Are you trying to sell your comics? Build an audience? Showcase your portfolio for work for hire?

Episode #122 – Breaking the Fourth Wall

Hey you, you reading this… You want to hear some talk about breaking the fourth wall in comics? With some examples, some talk about commentary, and way too much Manilow. If that’s possible. That’s what we do this episode.

Comics Experience at New York Comic Con 2016!

New York Comic Con is October 6 through 9, and Comics Experience will be there! At this year’s NYCC, Comics Experience founder and instructor Andy Schmidt is offering a panel discussion, a family workshop, and a live streaming interview. These events will be open to all convention-goers, so spread the word and bring your friends!…