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#167 – Why Kickstarter for Your Comic

Fresh off her Comics Experience micro course, Heather Antos talks about WHY Kickstarter could be a fit for your comic, how to think about planning your campaign, and what to think about before you push “go.”

#166 – Tips on Hiring a Freelance Editor

Nicole Boose (Marvel, Millarworld, freelance) shares five tips for hiring a freelance editor for your comics project. Goals, roles and convos to get your project moving!

Three Workshops on Comic Book Writing for $9.95!

They’re fun, they’re affordable, and they’re packed with valuable insight on writing comics! Now through December 10, 2018, we’re offering a package of three workshop videos for a budget-friendly $9.95. These three videos are part of our catalog of over 130 live sessions, discussions, and tutorials included in our Creators Workshop membership. Topics include writing,…

Warm Up to CE’s Winter Courses!

Comics Experience and Screen Experience’s next slate of courses is now open for enrollment! Beginning in January, you can choose from courses in writing, art, and production for comics or screen. CE courses are a great way to launch your goals for the new year — or a great gift for lighting someone’s creative spark. All…

#165 – Scheduling Your Time

Jim Gibbons talks about scheduling for each step of the comics-making process, and really sitting down and doing the math. Working on creator-owned, work-for-hire, whatever your project, planning a schedule for/with your team is key to making deadlines.