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#157 – Character Core Values and Continuity

In work-for-hire work situations character core values and the passing of time might not always be in sync with continuity. Heather Antos talks about thinking about and creating towards a character’s core values can lead to new and engaging stories.

Comics Experience Books in Diamond Previews!

Comics Experience’s publications are now appearing in Diamond Previews! Now, in addition to buying our books at conventions, ordering online, or buying in digital format, you have the option to purchase directly from your favorite comics retailer. All titles are part of our publishing partnership with Source Point Press. In stores August 2018: First up…

Episode #153 of the Comics Experience “Make Comics” Podcast Posted!

A new episode of the Comics Experience Make Comics podcast has been posted! Each episode provides ~15 minutes of advice on all aspects of creating comics and breaking in to the industry. Join Joey Groah and rotating co-hosts — Comics Experience General Manager Nicole Booose, former Marvel editor Heather Antos, and freelance editor Jim Gibbons — as they…