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Comics Experience at New York Comic Con 2016!

New York Comic Con is October 6 through 9, and Comics Experience will be there! At this year’s NYCC, Comics Experience founder and instructor Andy Schmidt is offering a panel discussion, a family workshop, and a live streaming interview. These events will be open to all convention-goers, so spread the word and bring your friends!…

Top 10 Reasons Why the Creators Workshop Is Awesome!

Guest post by Andy Schmidt, Comics Experience founder. My original vision for the Creators Workshop was this: “I want to create a virtual Disney World for comics professionals and fans.” What that means is simple—members have access to all kinds of areas of interest—a section for critiques and reviews, reading groups, discussions on industry topics,…

Dark Horse editor Jim Gibbons offers “breaking in” advice

Dark Horse associate editor Jim Gibbons joined the Comics Experience Creators Workshop recently to discuss his career, Dark Horse Comics, and the art of editing comic books, including Black Beetle and the award-winning anthology Dark Horse Presents. During the session, Jim was also asked about the best way to break in to the comics industry….