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NYCC 2016 Recap!

A recap of our New York Comic Con 2016, including photos from our meet-up!

Past the Last Mountain Now Up on Kickstarter!

Writer and letterer Paul Allor and artist and colorist Louie Joyce recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Past the Last Mountain trade paperback! It collects all four issues of the thoughtful series featuring a faun, a dragon and a young troll trying to find a paradise far, far from the cruelty of humans –…

Interview with Past the Last Mountain’s Paul Allor

Past the Last Mountain, published via Comics Experience, throws a dragon, a faun, and a young troll together into a desperate survival scenario. Writer and letterer Paul Allor (Tet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) – accompanied by artist and colorist Louie Joyce (The Corner Store, Little Red) and Gannon Beck on layouts – elegantly dissects themes…