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Ian Powers

“It was a wonderful experience, you (Andy) really pulled away the veil on comics writing.  I’ve learned more than I would have thought possible from an introductory class.  I’ve read all the books, and taken classes on writing before, but this experience was like having a Kung Fu master on my shoulder the whole way through.  I believe it’s your passion that really made it such a unique adventure.  It’s rare to find someone who walks the walk at the top levels, and can still nurture and guide new talents the way you do. Bravo!”

Brian Baccarella

“Intro to Comics is the best writing class I’ve taken thus far.  Andy has a ton of great insights, and a great comic creating process/structure from beginning to end.  The critiquing aspect is invaluable.  Andy doesn’t hold back on his own critiques which makes them incredibly honest and useful.  Comics Experience’s own scripts and templates are provided during the class as learning tools, as well as a recommended reading list.  This is the first class I’ve been in that has had live video chatting.  This gets you closer to your peers, and allows for more honest and enthusiastic critiques.  This class WILL make you a better writer and story teller.”

Luke Durdin

“If you are an aspiring comic creator, Comics Experience is the place for you. You have entire courses taught by professionals on comic writing, comic art, comic production and so much more. You have access to a whole community that shares your interest in comics and wants to help your comic-making-dreams become a reality. The resources provided by Comics Experience are just too good to pass up.”

Keith Salmon

“Andy Schmidt provides a repeatable process for beginners on making the first issue, the hardest issue, both coherent & entertaining.  Advice on approaching editors/ artists, working with them in a professional manner while advancing your own brand can be found in the Advanced Comic Book Writing: Super-Heroes & Science Fiction course.”

Paul Allor

Professional Comics Writer–IDW Publishing, Challenger Comics, Gov't Comics

“Before I found Comics Experience, I knew I wanted to be a comic book writer, but I had no idea how to make it happen. No idea what editors were looking for, no idea how the industry worked, no idea how to market myself, no idea how to format a comic script.

Comics Experience gave me all these skills. It also gave me an incredible group of women and men who are all working towards the same goal. The Creators Workshop members are a tremendous resource, for support, for guidance and for advice.

This isn’t to say that ‘breaking in’ will be easy. It still takes talent, and determination, and more than a little luck. But with Comic Experience’s help, it’s gone from feeling like a pipe dream to feeling like a realistic, attainable goal. I am so happy to be on this journey, and so proud to be a part of the Comics Experience community.”

Joe Witmer

“(The) Editing and Project Management (course) proved to be exactly the class I’d been hoping for, packing a career’s-worth of comics-editing insights into four class sessions. The class covered everything from giving notes to writers and artists, to interacting with license holders, to budgeting a project, to the final assembly and production of a book. It was a heady mix of both the business and craft of making comics. Despite what could have been an overwhelming volume of information, Andy’s relaxed, conversational teaching style made each facet of an editor’s job feel manageable, and the end result is that more than ever, I’m hungry to help other comics creators make the best comics they possibly can.”

Ivan Antonio

“I’ve always wanted to work with comics in some capacity, and Andy Schmidt’s Intro to Comic Book Writing made me realize that I have the potential to break in. The course’s hands-on approach, which makes the students actually create while respecting a deadline, makes for an invaluable experience that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Learning the nuts and bolts from an actual editor with tons of experience and behind-the-curtain knowledge is priceless. Having your ideas and process constantly reviewed by Andy is going to improve your writing by leaps and bounds for the duration of the course. Speaking from personal experience, I was impressed by how clear and professional my final assignment looked, and Andy’s guidance was vital for me to reach this level of polish. The course was absolutely worth it and I’m already saving up for the Advanced Class!”

Wanda Beck

“For the past two years, my husband has been asking me to work on a comic with him. I wasn’t opposed to the idea, but I didn’t know anything about comics. I didn’t even know how to get started. There’s so much stuff out there, and it was very overwhelming. My husband recommended that I take Andy’s Intro to Writing Course, and I’m so glad that I did. Now I feel like I have a firm foundation, a really good jumping off place. Andy has created a very nurturing and informative environment, not just in the class but on the message boards as well. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has an interest in writing comics.”

Bret Bernal

“The advanced class is non-stop learning about the craft of writing comics. Sure, it’s possible to pick up a few writing tips by reading online interviews with creators. But that’s nothing compared to the weekly classes crammed with advice, Andy’s expert instruction, unlimited Q&A, and instant feedback. If you’re serious about learning how to write comics, this class is a must.”

Luigi Cicala

“Man, it’s been a crazy, great year! Letterer is finishing up our 32-pager now, the team is working on the rest of the script, thanks again, Andy, for helping me get back into comics!”