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Writing and Editing Testimonials

Gary Cohen

Writer/Artist, Editor

“Andy Schmidt is an excellent teacher and a talented editor. He will offer you honest, concise feedback on your work along with helpful suggestions and direction on how to improve it. The class is well organized with great content and insight from a working professional. An added benefit is you will meet other people who are passionate about comics who you will remain in contact with personally and professionally.”

Jon Conrad

“What a huge improvement I see in the quality of my work since the beginning of the course… I hope to attend more of your courses in the near future. I am invigorated by your expert tutelage, and am comfortable in knowing that Intro to Comic Book Writing has made all the difference in my desire to enjoy comic book stories in this totally new way; as a creator and not just as a reader.”

Ray Crisara

“Andy’s class provides an incredible insight into what it takes to work in the industry. Besides learning the nuts and bolts aspect of what goes into good storytelling, Andy gives a great foundation on how to make contacts in the industry, as well as the etiquette required with those contacts. And it’s all supported with entertaining examples of his actual experience in the industry. So whether you’re an aspiring writer, trying to figure out how to break into comic book writing, or a comic book fan who wants to hear some insider stories about some of your favorite creators, this class is a must.”

Eric Drumm

Professional Comics Journalist and Writer

“I had known Andy from my days as a writer for I had known him to be a very welcoming, nice guy who would talk comics with you and give the proper respect to the work we were discussing. When I heard that Andy was offering a comics writing course, I literally dropped what I was doing and signed up. In my writing, I had always had trouble with pacing and story structure, which would stop me cold when trying to put my story into words. Through Andy’s guidance and the support of my classmates, the skills I learned in such a short amount of time have been extremely beneficial. The easy, laid back workshop atmosphere allowed us to do our own thing, which was balanced nicely with the challenging class work. Overall, taking this class was a very smart first step in my comics writing career, and I recommend it to everyone very highly.”

Sean Patrick Flahaven

Playwright, Composer, Arranger/Orchestrator, and Producer of over 50 shows, concerts, and recordings on and off-Broadway

“Andy Schmidt’s class was incredibly valuable; it covered both the basics of comics writing and strategies for dealing with editors and publishers. As an experienced dramatic writer and longtime fan who has recently turned to writing for comics, Andy’s insights, professionalism, and easygoing manner were refreshing. I would highly recommend his class.”

Tim Fontaine

“To say that I’ve learned a lot in this class would be an understatement. The Comics Experience class gave me the tools that helped put the comic-writing puzzle together for me.”

William Gatevackes

“Andy Schmidt is everything you want in a teacher. He explains everything you need to know in a way that is easy to understand yet does not insult your intelligence. I really learned a lot from him and would highly recommend him as a teacher.”

Steven Harries

“I like the informality and the humor [of the courses] which creates a very comfortable environment (even for British introverts like myself!) whilst providing a wonderfully intense learning experience. Most classes finished near 4am my time but I was always more awake than I had been two hours earlier, my head spinning with possibilities. The balance between encouraging creativity and hard practicalities feels spot on.”

Justin Heggs

“The last few days have been great comic-wise, the last class was great and very energizing. I also listened to your ifanboy interview twice today at work. I do construction and I’m basically my own boss, so I made an executive decision today and after listening to the interview again, left work early to go home and write. I love talking about comics, and this week has been very inspiring to say the least.”

Ian Hewlett

“I really enjoyed the course – just the first class would have made it worth it. Breaking down the story process to stay focused on one main idea really resonated with me. I already owned your book (and Peter David’s and Denny O’Neil’s) — so I had been exposed to some of the course material. But attending (or watching if I couldn’t make it) the actual classes put a lot of the elements together for me. I was surprised that writing became ‘fun’ again even with the edits I had to do to the script (project management and academic type writing has turned into a burdensome chore). The pitch elements and behind-the-scenes viewpoint were phenomenal. I’ve gone from a curious if I can do it comics writer to seriously considering a moonlighting ‘career’ of sorts.”