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Jamie Iracleanos

“Yes, you’ll learn plenty about the necessities of writing for comics successfully as well as writing in general, but this class is so much more. For people who desire to one day break into the comics industry, this class gives you practical applications and valuable insight toward making that goal a reality. You not only get instruction by one of the best editors in the business, but Andy also gives you something you could only get if you were actually working in the business… worthwhile experience. This class is as much educational as it is fun, but more importantly, it’s taught by someone who both cares and believes in helping the next wave of writers reach their full potential.”

David Kawalec

“Your process has really shown me how to focus in on the most important bits that I need to tell my story. The class has been such a great experience and I love that I’m learning new things right up until the very end.”

Fred Kim

Professional Screenwriter

“When I enrolled in Introduction to Comic Book Writing, I wanted to understand how the comics industry really operated, and develop the skills necessary to tell stories in this medium like a professional. Thanks to Andy, I now have a better appreciation for what it’s like on the inside, and I know the secret do’s and don’ts that separate a real writer from an amateur one, in the eyes of editors. On top of that I made some new friends with people who love comics as much as I do. I can’t recommend this course highly enough to people who are serious about writing for comics.”

Joshua Mandelbaum

Advertising Producer for Poets and Writers magazine

“Andy provided practical and valuable insight into what a writer needs to know about scripting a comic and what to do with that script after it’s completed. I walked away inspired not only by the relaxed but informative conversations from each class, but also by the wealth of ideas that were generated by Andy and the other students.”

George O’Connor

“Andy’s Comics Experience INTRODUCTION TO COMIC BOOK WRITING course was everything I hoped it would be and well worth the money. Andy’s enthusiasm for comics and helping writers is honest and infectious. The class helped hone and focus my previous writing skills and background for the comics.

As someone looking to break into the business, Andy did a wonderful job of pulling back the curtain and showing us the business side of the industry. I now feel much more prepared to assemble a pitch and then present it and myself to companies and editors.

After six weeks, I feel sharper as a comic book writer, more prepared for putting pitches together, more educated about the realities (some of them harsh) of the industry and am more upbeat and excited about writing and creating comics. I really don’t think you could ask for more than that.”

J.D. Oliva

Professional filmmaker

“…This week I was in New Orleans with my movie at a horror film festival. After the fest, I had an opportunity to pitch one of the major production companies in that area (third largest film market in the U.S.). After last week’s (Comics Experience online writing) class, I completely based my pitch package on what we learned in class. I reapplied some of the principals from comics to film. But long story short, it worked and my film pitch was accepted; I’m now ‘in development’.”

Carol Pinchefsky

“I really enjoyed Andy Schmidt’s class. He was a thorough and knowledgeable instructor with a gentle hand at constructive criticism. Plus, the people I met were great fun. I enjoyed every minute of my experience, and better yet, I absolutely got my money’s worth.”

Colin Prichett

“With Andy’s experience in the industry, I was assuming he’d be able to communicate the ability to put together a strong script… [But] he was able to expand on that, delve into his career and experiences, and present such a wealth of information in such an enjoyable atmosphere that it never felt like a ‘class,’ but more a gathering of friends working towards a common goal. The conversational feel of the course lent itself extremely well to the congenial atmosphere and, I believe, the massive improvement in all the student scripts. I cannot see why a writer cannot have at least some measure of success within the industry if he or she heeds Andy’s advice; he provides all the tools necessary for success…”

Tim Rassbach

“For [the Advanced] class, I really wanted to push myself. I set three hurdles for myself. Rather than coming in with an idea, I wanted to develop something cold… I wanted to do a first issue of an ongoing, and I wanted to try breaking a team book. I figured I’d get my money’s worth, using the crucible of the class interactions to try something big… I learned a lot of lessons… and I’ll add these lessons to my writing toolbox… I’ll definitely have a stronger story.”

Dan Rivera

“Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience class has not just given me the confidence and the skill set to write comics, it has made me a better writer PERIOD. You learn it’s more about story and substance than style. He also has the unique ability to make you realize how talented you really are.”