Workshop Member Ken Porter a winner in Top Cow Talent Hunt!

top-cow-logoComics Experience Creators Workshop member Ken Porter is a winner in the Top Cow International Talent Hunt competition!

As announced on Comic Book Resources, Ken was one of only three writers selected as a winner by Top Cow’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Matt Hawkins, from more than 800 writer submissions.

As Matt explained on CBR, “[The purpose of the]…Talent Hunt is finding amateur writers and artists who’ve never been published by one of the big publishing houses and giving them a chance to be published and showcase their work to a larger audience.”

Check out the creepy story synopsis from Ken’s submission below, or read more about the announcement on CBR right here!

Ken-Porter-Top-Cow-SubmissionKen was previously an Assistant Editor for Viper Comics and recently worked as a Social Media Specialist for Visionary Comics, where he also published a one-shot called Ink Ribbon.

Congrats to Ken on his big win and we look forward to seeing his work in print at Top Cow!

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