CE alum Kevin Volo launches “Max & Thorne” Kickstarter

max-thorne_largeComics Experience coloring alum Kevin Volo has launched a Kickstarter campaign, and it also features art by another CE alum, artist DaFu Yu!

Max and Thorne tells the tale of a young boy searching for his kidnapped father. In the depths of his despair, he meets a powerful ally — a dragon! The all-ages tale is co-written by Kevin and his son.

“One day, my eight-year-old son and I were talking in the car during a long drive, just laughing and making up stories,” Kevin said.

“We were coming up with funny, crazy stuff that really delighted me, both as a storyteller and a dad. So I thought, hey, why not work on a comic with my son? And from that simple, loving seed of an idea, Max and Thorne was born.”

The Kickstarter will allow the team to complete the first story, and with enough funding, will allow them to continue it as an on-going series. As the pages are completed, they will be posted on Kevin’s webcomic site, Pixelstrips.com.

“For us, it’s all about the story and sharing it,” Kevin said.

Sponsors can receive a PDF of the 8-page story, a “coloring book” version of the story, an 8.5 x 11 full-color print, an 11×17 character study poster, and even the ability to name some characters in the story.

You can even receive specially commissioned art pencilled by series artist DaFu!

The Kickstarter has just begun, so there’s still time to jump on board right here, or check out the project video below!

Best of luck to Kevin and his son, and DaFu!

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