New “SCAMthology” project features work by THREE CE alums!

SCAM_COVERS_Scamthology2At the recent Boston Comic Con, ComixTribe announced SCAMthology, a new anthology project, and the title will feature work by THREE CE alums!

SCAMthology will be set in the universe of creator Joe Mulvey’s super-powered conman series, SCAM, which has been described as “X-men meets Ocean’s Eleven.” SCAM is a 4-issue miniseries currently being published by ComixTribe.

The new book will contain stories written by CE alums Paul Allor (TMNT: Fugitoid, Orc Girl), Amy Chu (Girls’ Night Out), and Rich Douek (Gutter Magic, Oxymoron). In addition, the image displayed here was colored by Comics Experience Coloring Instructor, Chris “Soto” Sotomayor!

The full roster of SCAMthology creators includes Joe Eisma (Morning Glories), Ben McCool (Choker, Lookouts), Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects), Brian Shearer (Transformers, Doctor Who) Josh Flanagan (Dixon’s Notch), Ryan K Lindsay (Ghost Town), and many more.

The first four-issue SCAM mini-series will conclude this November with a double-sized final issue, and SCAMthology is set to be released in early 2014.

Congrats to Paul, Amy, and Rich on the new project!

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