CE Staff Updates!

We have some staff updates to announce!

Andy Schmidt recently posted on The Creators Workshop forum  that Marta Tanrikulu and Nicole Boose have expanded their roles at Comics Experience.

comicsexperience-logoMarta is an editor and also writes short comics stories in various genres. Her work has appeared on the Verticalismi website and in anthologies from various publishers including Red Stylo Media, Cellar Door, 215 Ink, and Arcana.

In her new position as Comics Experience Operations Manager, Marta will be in charge of Creators Workshop membership issues, set-ups, and troubleshooting when needed. Marta has shown a big interest in the comics industry at large, and the craft of making comics. Her skills are going to be a huge help to keep things running smoothly. She will be the main point of contact for Creators Workshop-related matters and course signups and questions.

Nicole Boose is a freelance editor currently working on Jupiter’s Legacy and Starlight with writer Mark Millar at Image Comics. For Comics Experience, she’s worked as a mentor and provides script critiques.

Expanding her role as CE’s new Communications Manager, Nicole will be running the CE blog and working on the public newsletter as well as increasing her presence within the Creators Workshop in general.

Are you a member of the CE community with a new project to announce, promote, or otherwise spread the word about? Make sure to post about it on the Creators Workshop Self-Promotion thread, and Nicole may feature it in a future blog post!

We also thank Rob Anderson, Gannon Beck, Kevin LaCoste, Paul Allor, Ken Frederick, Joey Groah, Mike Malve, Brandon Seifert, Chris Sotomayor, and Robert Atkins and more recently Kyle Higgins for all their help and support with the Creators Workshop and Comics Experience in general.

Andy says:

And of course, all of you members and contributors. I really had no idea when I started Comics Experience in 2007 that I would meet and work with so many talented, well-meaning, and creative people. I hope your Creators Workshop has been even half as great as mine. You guys really do make the Creators Workshop a pleasure for me to come and spend time.

Thank you all so much, and welcome again, to Marta and Nicole!


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