Andy Schmidt on Nerd for A Living Podcast!

Nerd for a Living recently ran a podcast featuring Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt.

In the interview, Andy and N4AL’s Adron Buske discuss Andy’s career, his path to developing Comics Experience, and more!

Nerd for A Living was founded with a mission to help people “discover fulfilling, profitable and sustainable career paths in the worlds they love.” The organization features news, articles, events and services to promote their mission.

Podcast13_01_highIn the interview, Andy explains the origin of Comics Experience, how building the business helped him combine a love of teaching and comics – and how CE was sparked by the idea of offering something different from a university course.

Andy and Adron also discuss:

  • Developing credibility and trust as a business
  • Andy’s shift from resisting online teaching… to running an all-online teaching business
  • Comics as one of the earliest telecommuting careers
  • Industry transitions from hands-on contact with original art to digital collaboration
  • Shifting focus toward creator-owned property and self-publishing
  • Democratization of the comics industry

…and that’s just the first half of the interview!

Thanks to N4AL for the podcast – and for calling Comics Experience an “incredible resource” for those interested in working in the comics industry!

Check out Andy’s N4AL interview here.

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Posted by Nicole Boose