New Course: Introduction to Digital Painting!

One of our newest courses is now open for enrollment, and instructor Scott Johnson is here to answer some questions about it!

digital-painting-page-art-1Introduction to Digital Painting provides a fun and thorough foundation in the practice of digital art. This unique process is different from traditional comic book penciling, inking and coloring, but uses principles that benefit artists in any medium.

The course will introduce students to concepts they can apply to any kind of visual art, while covering techniques specific to painting in Photoshop. Beginners and experienced artists are welcome!

Instructor Scott Johnson is a 20-year veteran and pioneer in the field of digital painting. Below, he offers details about himself and his CE course.

Check out our Q&A with Scott, and see our course page for additional info and enrollment. Seats are limited, so don’t wait!


Who is this course designed for?

This is an “Intro Level” class, so it is designed for anyone new to digital painting. It will cover basic art rendering concepts as well as the basic digital techniques of painting in Photoshop with a pressure sensitive tablet. I expect a wide range knowledge among students. Some may be experienced artists who are new to digital illustration. Others may be familiar with Photoshop, but not experienced in digital painting techniques. Others may be completely new to both sides of digital art.

What can students expect to be able to do after completing the course?

The course will teach them the techniques necessary to paint objects and/or characters over existing line drawings.

scott-johnson-bioWhat do you want prospective students to know about you?

I would not have been successful unless I had teachers of my own who helped me along the way. I want to help my students become better artists and achieve their individual goals.

How did you develop the skills that you’ll be teaching?

In the late ’90s, digital illustration was in its infancy, but I recognized that it was the future of commercial art. I had been a professional illustrator for many years, but I wanted to transition from doing pen & ink interior book illustration to doing color book covers. I bought an early digital tablet and taught myself digital painting (through countless hours of experimentation and trial & error). Over the last 15 years I have been working digitally, using the tools and techniques I will be teaching in this course.

Who are some of your influences and favorite creators?

I grew up on Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels, Role-Playing Games, and comic books. My artistic influences come from those sources- Michael Whelan, Frank Frazetta, Keith Parkinson, Larry Elmore, Bernie Wrightson, John Buscema, and many, many more. 🙂


Introduction to Digital Painting with Scott Johnson begins Monday, June 2. Visit our course page for more details and to reserve your seat!

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Posted by Nicole Boose