CE Community Member Glenn Møane Launches “Torsobear” Kickstarter!

Comics Experience community member Glenn Møane has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg! Glenn is a co-editor and contributor for this anthology project, which got its start in an ongoing publication that he established.

Glenn is one of two editor/founders of Outré, a free online comic anthology. Glenn and co-founder Magnus Aspli established Outré to cultivate short stories of quality and meaning, with each issue emphasizing a specific theme. (Past themes have included responsibility, hopelessness, and xenophobia).

The first Torsobear story appeared in Outré #2 and received such a positive response that the story’s creator, Brett Uren, decided to create an anthology around it. Glenn Møane is co-editing the forthcoming Torsobear anthology along with Brett.

Torsobear_largeTorsobear: Yarns from Toyburg consists of “stories from the sunny world of Toyburg, a place where toys like teddy bears, action figures and Barbie dolls live. But there are dark things to be found beneath the surface, and the book’s main story follows detective Ruxby Bear as he tries to solve a series of gruesome homicides committed against bears.”

In addition to co-editing the project, Glenn is also one of the creators whose stories will appear in Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg. His 8-page piece is about a stretch doll’s meeting with a mystic, otherworldly entity.

Incentives for the Torsobear Kickstarter include posters, t-shirts, sketches and more! For more information or to contribute, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here.

For more on our Creators Workshop, where Glenn and other members can engage in discussions and feedback on their projects, visit our page here.

Congrats to Glenn and the rest of the Torsobear creative team on the launch of their campaign!

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Posted by Nicole Boose