Gutter Magic #1 by Alum Rich Douek Now in Diamond Previews!

Gutter Magic CoverOur warmest congratulations to Comics Experience alum Rich Douek! Gutter Magic #1 — written by Rich with art by Brett Barkley, color by Jules Rivera, and letters by Nic Shaw — is set to debut in comic book stores on January 20, 2016. Make sure you get your preorders in and show your support for the fourth comic published under the Comics Experience/IDW partnership.

Cinder Byrnes has been trying to lie, cheat, and steal his way into wizardry his entire life, and he’s finally got the key to unlocking the power of magic. But first, he needs to stay one step ahead of the sorcerous crime lord that wants him dead. Writer Rich Douek and Artist Brett Barkley present an action-packed urban fantasy tale, set in a modern New York City where World War II was fought with magic.

Rich spoke with Matt O’Keefe of Comics Beat about Gutter Magic, and how both the Comics Experience Creators Workshop and IDW inspired him to keep growing his skills:

“Comics Experience is a really unique place – it’s an incredibly supportive community of professional and aspiring comics creators, and I can honestly say this book would not have happened without it. When I first joined I had no idea how to approach writing a comic script, or get a comic produced. By the end of my first class there, I had a short project ready to go, and just kept going from there.

“IDW also deserves a lot of credit for supporting new voices in comics, like the team on this book, and the rest of the books put out by the imprint. With so many great books out there, it’s hard for publishers to take a chance on new properties, much less new creators. I’m really grateful that IDW felt Gutter Magic was of high enough quality to put their logo on the cover.”

Gutter Magic Preorder formGutter Magic now joins Creature Cops, Drones, and Tet on the growing list of titles published under the partnership between Comics Experience and IDW. Participation in the Comics Experience Creators Workshop provides aspiring comics professionals with a unique opportunity to nurture their ideas alongside creative, talented peers and established industry names alike.

Please join us once again in congratulating Rich on his wonderful news! And remember to preorder Gutter Magic at your local comic book store. Make sure to use the following codes:

Standard Cover: NOV15031

Variant Cover: NOV15032

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Posted by Meredith Nudo