Comics Experience Launches comiXology-Exclusive Titles!

CE Digital logoComics Experience Publishing Expands Its Creator-Owned Offerings via comiXology with Digital Exclusive Line of Comics

Four titles to launch on comiXology January 13, bringing Comics Experience creators to a wider audience!


Shelbyville, KY – January 4, 2015 – Comics Experience, home of the Creators Workshop, announces that it will publish its first round of digital comics exclusively on comiXology beginning on January 13, as part of its new Digital Publishing program for emerging comics professionals.

The first four comiXology titles from Comics Experience are comics created by members and alumni Paul Allor, Gannon Beck, Richard P. Clark, Chris Lewis, JD Oliva, Ken Perry, Nic J. Shaw, and Devon Wong:

  • Past the Last Mountain by Paul Allor, Louie Joyce, and Gannon Beck brings together an unlikely trio of fantasy creatures in a story of unity and survival.
  • Karma Police by Chris Lewis, Tony Gregori, Jasen Smith, and Nic J. Shaw investigates a bizarre generation-spanning mystery full of murder, intrigue, reincarnation, and even luchador demons.
  • Wretched Things by Devon Wong, Ken Perry, and John Hunt peers into a world where The Vermin reign supreme.
  • Deluge by JD Oliva and Richard P. Clark sets a thrilling crime drama against the backdrop of a post-Katrina Gulf Coast.

The first issues of these titles will be accessible via comiXology search starting on January 13, with subsequent issues released monthly starting in February.

“ComiXology offers us a unique way to get even more fantastic content to more fans around the world. And the more truly great creator-owned and controlled projects getting published, and that’s just good for everyone,” says Comics Experience founder and CEO Andy Schmidt. “The Comics Experience Digital Publishing program is the latest way for us to help bring new, talented creators to audiences around the world and put them in front of the industry’s largest publishers.”

Comics Experience’s Digital Publishing program is open to submissions from Creators Workshop members who are interested in perfecting their skills and publishing their comics. Aspiring creators can visit for details about the publishing program and how they can get involved.

About Comics Experience
Comics Experience is an educational company dedicated to teaching the craft of comics creation in all disciplines, and helps develop new talent through its online community – the Creators Workshop. Submissions are currently open to community members. Follow Comics Experience on Twitter @ComicExperience. For more information on Comics Experience, as well as its submissions and publication process, visit:

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