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Last month, Comics Experience CEO Andy Schmidt gave a talk about comics to the students of Clear Creek Elementary in Shelbyville, KY. He taught them some valuable lessons in how to structure stories, build characters, and draw dynamic scenes – then challenged them to pound the paper and create comics of their own!

Katey Martin, a local elementary school teacher, learned of Andy’s profession and invited him to come speak with the children about how to launch a career in comics. The day turned out to be a fun learning experience for the students, but they weren’t the only ones who found themselves fascinated!

Comics Experience CEO Andy Schmidt speaking to students at Clear Creek Elementary

“I’m always happy to talk to kids especially about comics, but I was really surprised to see how many adults were into this whole thing,” Andy said.

“The best part about working in comics is seeing someone’s eyes light up when they hear what you do. And the best part of that best part is how wide kids’ eyes can get when they hear you’ve worked with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Transformers. They get super excited,” he continued. Andy’s visit also opened them up to the idea of comics as a medium rather than a genre.

“In a rural area like Shelbyville, with no comic store in the town, many of these kids only know comics through superheroes. It’s really great to be able to show them two things: 1.) That ANYONE can make comics and 2.) There are comics FOR EVERYONE.”

Awesome work, Andy! We hope these kids keep learning more about the limitless creative potential of comics and start seeking out titles that pique their interest.

Check out the entire album chronicling his visit on Facebook here.

Posted by Meredith Nudo.