Gutter Magic #1 Cracks Top 300!

guttermagicWe’re excited to announce an important milestone for Comics Experience Publishing, AND the Gutter Magic creative team!

Gutter Magic #1, which debuted on January 13, 2016 from Comics Experience and IDW, is among the Top 300 comics sold in January 2016! The monthly Top 300 list is assembled by ICv2, the leading source of trade news and analysis for pop culture products and retailers.

Gutter Magic’s Top 300 presence marks the first time that a Comics Experience series has appeared on the list since we launched our partnership with IDW Publishing in July 2014.

Credit is due to the Gutter Magic creative team for the quality of their work, and for the reach and sophistication of their marketing efforts. Series writer Rich Douek, a member of the Creators Workshop, partnered with Comics Experience to develop an extensive outreach initiative that helped spread the word about the title to readers and retailers.

Rich also discussed the book’s marketing strategy with fellow Creators Workshop members on our online forum, chronicling the steps taken to promote the book, and the outcome of each part of the process. The result was a hot-topic dialogue thread that inspired members to exchange thoughts, tips, and experiences about marketing their own work, and comics in general.

Gutter Magic is a four-issue limited series with script by Rich, art by Brett Barkley, color by Jules Rivera, and letters by Creators Workshop member Nic J. Shaw.

The series chronicles the adventures of struggling wizard Cinder Byrnes, set in a New York City where World War II was fought with magic. The title has enjoyed consistently strong reviews since its launch in January.

Gutter Magic is available monthly in print wherever comic books are sold, or digitally on comiXology. Issue 2 is available now!

Please join us in congratulating the Gutter Magic team, and in celebrating this important landmark for them and for Comics Experience Publishing!

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Posted by Nicole Boose