Chris Lewis’ KARMA POLICE Now Up on Kickstarter!

Karma Police collected edition cover

Creators Workshop participant Chris Lewis launched his Kickstarter for the collected graphic novel collection of Karma Police only last week, and he’s already more than halfway to his $3,000 goal!

Originally published as a 4-issue miniseries on comiXology as part of the Comics Experience publishing initiative, Karma Police features writing by Chris, art by Tony Gregori, coloring by Jasen Smith, and letters by fellow Creators Workshopper Nic J. Shaw. The story follows Jack Allen, a young woman who works as a “compassionate assassin.” As the reincarnation of a deceased Tibetan monk and owner of an enchanted dagger, she struggles to end the cycle of violence. But the luchador demons and other supernatural entities have different ideas…

Pledge levels begin at $1 and end at $1,000, with rewards including – but not limited to – a “digital director’s cut,” PDFs of Chris’ previous projects, a variant cover by Shutter’s Leila Del Duca, art commissions, signed copies, and even a custom comic starring the donor, depending on the tier.

The Karma Police Kickstarter ends on March 31, so make sure to put in your contribution now.

Posted by Meredith Nudo