Gutter Magic TPB Coming in July!


Gutter Magic, the first miniseries from the Comics Experience and IDW publishing agreement to crack the top 300 monthly comics, will be available as a trade paperback collecting all four issues on July 27! Written by Creators Workshop alumnus Rich Douek, drawn by Brett Barkley, colored by Jules Rivera, and lettered by Nic J. Shaw (another familiar name around the Workshop!), the series chronicles the exploits of roguish magician Cinder Byrnes. He needs to track down some spell fragments, and must face down one tee-tiny snag… he’s not exactly adroit in the magical arts – a fact that his more talented adversaries are more than happy to exploit.

Ain’t It Cool News, Multiversity, and other outlets celebrated Gutter Magic with positive reviews during its original monthly run. We wish the creative team luck on what’s sure to be a glowing reception of the collected edition!

Rich developed Gutter Magic as a member of the Creators Workshop, and credits the support structure he found there for the miniseries’ success in a recent interview right here at Comics Experience.

The Creators Workshop was a great resource for me in terms of fleshing out the story. I not only had seasoned pros reviewing my work at every stage, but valuable insights from my peers. If I had a piece of advice for fellow workshop members, or people considering joining, it would be to definitely submit your work, and take the critiques to heart – without exception, everyone participating wants your book to be the best it can be.

Make sure to pre-order your copy of the Gutter Magic trade paperback!