Todd Matthy’s Robots vs. Princesses Now on Kickstarter!

Robots vs. Princesses Cover

Creators Workshop participant Todd Matthy launched his Kickstarter for print editions of all four issues of Robots vs. Princesses yesterday, and he’s already raised $652 of his $18,362 goal!

The miniseries, inspired by Matthy’s love of Transformers, Voltron, and Disney princesses, is penciled, inked, and colored by Nicolas Chapuis and lettered by Sean Rinehart (himself a Creator’s Workshop member as well). A fun, fast-paced read for all ages, Robots vs. Princesses blends the best of both genres together for an adventurous romp initially inspired by first graders’ rich imaginations.

“I think this story will surprise people because while it wears its inspirations on its sleeve, it delves deep into its characters. Everybody has a motivation,” Matthy says.

“Zara does what she does for a reason. Wheeler does what he does for a reason. Tyrannis, the big villain, has reason for doing what he does, and it’s not because he likes shooting things. Nobody is the same when the story is over, and it’s been fun charting that journey.”

He also credits the Creators Workshop for building and growing his whimsical world into a tale Mark Waid praised as “a delightful surprise.”

Matty says, “I don’t think the book would be what it is without the Creators Workshop. Posting my scripts for and receiving critiques has made not just the project, but my writing, stronger. I think every reader should take one. If you read the first draft of RVP #1, you’ll find a very different book from how it turned out.”

“It wasn’t just receiving feedback that helped me grow, but also leaving feedback. Critiquing others’ work forced me to examine my own writing and spot mistakes that I was glancing over.”

The Robots vs. Princesses Kickstarter ends on June 1, so make sure to put in your contribution now.

Posted by Meredith Nudo.