Time Running Out for Introduction to Digital Painting with Scott Johnson!

Scott JohnsonOur Introduction to Digital Painting course begins July 14, 2016, and seats are filling up quickly!

Intro to Digital Painting is a versatile, practical course, introducing you to techniques you can apply to your work immediately. Instructor Scott Johnson has developed lessons that are accessible and welcoming to beginners, while offering experienced artists an opportunity to learn new techniques and increase their efficiency.

With each session, Scott will provide instruction in basic art principles, providing a strong foundation for creating art in any medium. You’ll also learn specific techniques for using Photoshop with a pressure sensitive tablet. Line art will be provided for you to work from, leaving you free to focus exclusively on your painting technique. (To see this in action, check out this video demonstration of Scott at work!)

Scott Johnson Rifts Digital PaintingScott Johnson is a professional artist with over two decades of experience. A pioneer in the field of digital illustration, he began developing his techniques in the late ‘90s, when the format was in its earliest stages. Now, he shares that experience with students, who have been “blown away with not only his extensive knowledge of digital painting and color theory, but also his ability to effectively pass on his knowledge in an online classroom environment.” ( – Meteor Men colorist Kevin Volo.)

Digital Painting will take place LIVE, ONLINE, on Thursdays beginning July 14 (skipping the week of Comic Con International San Diego).

Seats are limited, so sign up here to reserve your spot!

For more information:

Q&A with instructor Scott Johnson
Video demo of Scott’s work
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Posted by Nicole Boose