New Issue of Alums’ Wretched Things Series Available September 7!

Wretched Things logoWretched Things #3, created by a team of Comics Experience community members, will be available on comiXology on September 7, 2016! The limited series includes writing by Devon Wong, art by Ken Perry, and color and lettering by John Hunt.

Wretched Things is a dark examination of social bonds and loyalty, told from the perspectives of the creatures who coexist within a single human household. It’s one of five titles launched in January 2016 as part of Comics Experience’s digital publishing program. All five series were developed through our Creators Workshop, where comic creators exchange peer and professional feedback on their work.

Devon and Ken discussed the workshop process, as well as some behind-the-scenes details about developing this series, in our interview here!

Wretched Things writer Devon is an alum of several Comics Experience courses, and a Creators Workshop member. He’s also a past winner in the competitive Top Cow Talent Hunt (a distinction he shares with another Workshop member, Kenny Porter). Series artist Ken Perry is a former Creators Workshop member, and the artist of Ghost Agents and other titles.

Catch up on the first two issues of Wretched Things on comiXology here, and look for issue #3 on September 7!

Congratulations to Devon, Ken and John on the forthcoming release!

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Posted by Nicole Boose