Brett Uren’s Torsobear Now on Kickstarter


Volume 3 of Brett Uren‘s Torsobear: Back on the Blocks is now up on Kickstarter! This serves as the grand finale of the storybook noir series, which will be published by Source Point Press upon completion of the campaign.

Ruxby Bear’s last stand pits him against his nemesis The Copycat, who has the citizens enthralled to the point of destructive frenzy in the streets of Toyberg.

Brett is enthused about this last chapter of his good cop’s story, “To date… Ruxby has yet to feel the full power of his nemesis, The Copycat – Toyburg’s Joker, if you will. The Copycat, however, might have the idea that Toyworld is imaginary, and that may give him terrifying power. Volume 3 is going to take things as far as we can push them, including poor Ruxby.”

Over 17 creators lent their talents to this volume, including Comics Experience‘s Digital Content Editor Pete Rogers.

“I’m genuinely amazed that we’ve managed to make three volumes of a bolt-from-the-blue world, and attracted writing talent such as Pete Rogers, Glenn Moane, Cy Dethan and artists like Juan Romera,” says Brett. “Their skills exceed my own by a fair margin, so the surreality of the books is matched by the high caliber of people who wanted to work on it.”

He believes that his experience in the Creator’s Workshop played a pivotal role in getting him motivated to move forward with the series and shaping it as it grew to encompass more volumes.

“Without guidance from creators with more in-depth knowledge of the writing form, or how to manage and construct a large project, Torsobear wouldn’t even have gotten past the initial phase,” Brett says. “Members such as Glenn and Pete, as well as collaborators on the projects like Nic Wilkinson and Janos Honkonen provided advice on everything from editing to marketing.”

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Posted by Meredith Nudo