Phillip K. Johnson’s Warlords of Appalachia Out This Week!


Creators Workshop member Phillip K. Johnson‘s Warlords of Appalachia will be released this week from BOOM! Studios! Joined by artist Jonas Scharf, Phillip takes us to a post-apocalyptic Kentucky, the last Confederate holdout of Civil War II. Surrounded on all sides by the United States, folk hero and mechanic Kane Mercer rises up to become feudal lord of the fledgling region of Red Rock.

“More than any other project, I put a LOT of myself in Warlords of Appalachia,” says Phillip. “My experience as a father, a soldier, a politically-minded American, a musician, and as a kid growing up in Kentucky all come into play in a big way in this story. That’s why it’s exciting for me.”

He also left a few fun Easter eggs in the series.

Phillip says, “My professional background is in music, and I added something to the story for other musicians: the back cover of each issue is the sheet music to an original song I wrote for the story. The song for issue #1, ‘Where Have You Gone, Joyful Valley of Old,’ is the song that appears in the trailer we produced for the book, which you can find online. Every song adds world-building and hints at the backstory of Warlords of Appalachia, and some of the songs appear in sneaky ways in the story itself, so check out the back cover of each issue!”

Thanks to his Creator’s Workshop experience, Phillip was able to get the guidance he needed to mold and shape his story.

​”The Creators Workshop is an amazing place to find motivated, talented, like-minded people. Reading other up-and-comers’ work is inspirational, getting feedback from them (as well as the CE Pros) is invaluable, and the meet-ups are super fun and rewarding,” he says. “And the publishing opportunities that have become part of Comics Experience should be a HUGE incentive for anyone.”

Make sure to pick up a copy of Warlords of Appalachia at your favorite comic book store, or digitally at its comiXology page here on October 12.


Posted by Meredith Nudo