David Pepose on Spencer & Locke!

spencerandlockeComics Experience alumnus David Pepose will be releasing digital and print editions of his “Calvin and Hobbes for grown-ups” miniseries Spencer & Locke in March 2017!

Published by Action Lab Entertainment’s inprint Danger Zone, the four-issue run will feature art by Jorge Santiago, Jr., colors by Jasen Smith and letters by Colin Bell.

“This is a story about a detective who’s literally imagined his own best friend, and it’s that angle that allows us to push our narrative beyond traditional genre boundaries,” David says.

“While our story is rooted in noir, we’ve also been able to incorporate car chases, buddy cop dynamics, psychological drama, even elements of sci-fi… almost every avenue I can think of is open and valid for our story — it’s just a matter of fitting in as much cool stuff as possible!”

John Layman of Chew renown and comics legend Mark Waid have offered up their words of praise for the upcoming book, while David praises the classes he took through Comics Experience as foundational to his creative success.

He says, “My Intro to Comics Writing course with Dan Slott helped me understand the concept of characterization, showing me how to dig into a character’s backstory and how their personalities might influence their actions. Meanwhile, Andy Schmidt‘s Advanced Narrative Techniques class really encouraged me to experiment with form and pacing of Spencer & Locke.”

“And finally, Chris Sotomayor’s Intro to Coloring class in particular was so important for this book’s development — it was hands-on training I learned in that class that taught me how to work directly with my colorist to really establish the visuals of our book,” he continues.

Look for more information on Spencer & Locke in the coming months, and make sure to let your local comic book store know of your interest!


Posted by Meredith Nudo