Get Ramon Gil’s SCIFIES Now Available for Free!

Creators Workshop member Ramon Gil has made all three volumes of his comics anthology SCIFIES available for free! He is joined by artists Lui Antonio, Roy Allan Martinez, Rudy Nebres, Len Peralta, Cee Raymond, Derwin Roberson, Trevor Von Eeden, Bill Walko and others.

Ramon is excited at the news.

“It’s an opportunity to share my work with people,” he says. “I’ve come to realize that it’s more important for me to create comics for the sake of creating them and have people read them, more so than to make money off of them.”

The stories cover a broad range of science-fiction narratives, from bleak technological dystopias to quirky spies.

“I love it when something pops into my head or when a word or news item or conversation gives me the seed for a concept. And then having to flesh out that concept into a story, then an outline, then a script,” Ramon says. “I also enjoy finding the right artist for the story and collaborating with them. For the most part, almost every aspect of producing a comic book is enjoyable for me. When I’m doing it, I’m totally in the zone.”

He also notes the role the Creators Workshop has played in shaping his creative vision.

“The Comic Experience forum is a great source of information, advise and feedback! You can submit scripts and get other creators to comment and give suggestions on how to make the script better,” he says.

“You are privy to opportunities for work. And you have direct access to professionals who are actually and currently working in the industry. If anyone is serious about this as a career, I would definitely recommend Comics Experience!”

You can download all three issues of SCIFIES here!


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Posted by Meredith Nudo