Alum Chris Lewis’ “Karma Police” #1 Now On Sale from Vault Comics!

Wednesday, March 29 marked the in-store debut of Karma Police, a story about a compassionate monk-in-training who must confront the violence from her past lives. The first issue launches a four-part limited series, penned by Comics Experience alum Chris Lewis. Also on the creative team are artist Tony Gregori, colorist Jasen Smith, letterer and designer Nic J. Shaw (a former Creators Workshop member), and editor Nicole Boose. Tim Daniel and Mike Spicer also receive special thanks.

Karma Police’s journey to publication has roots in the Comics Experience Creators Workshop, where Chris posted an early version of the Karma Police #1 script for critique in 2010. From there, as Chris has told us, “all the current scripts were hammered into shiny shape by CE’s workshop warriors.”

After Chris fine-tuned each script and assembled a creative team to bring them to life, Karma Police launched as a digital series though Comics Experience and comiXology. The next step was a print collected edition, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Now, thanks to Vault Comics, Karma Police is available in comic shops everywhere! The publisher, which launched in 2016, selected Karma Police as part of its debut lineup, along with several other promising titles.

See what attracted readers and publishers alike to Karma Police – pick up a copy of issue #1 at your local comic store!

Congratulations to Chris and the Karma Police creative team!

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Posted by Nicole Boose