Wretched Things Collection Now on comiXology!

The first three issues of Devon Wong, Ken Perry and John Hunt‘s Wretched Things are now available for download on comiXology!

The miniseries follows the complex societies of all things creepy and crawly that live beneath the house. Devon and Ken credit Comics Experience for making the jump to comiXology.

“I’ve used ComiXology submit before for another project and there’s a whole submission and upload process, but CE streamlines it all. Pete [Rogers] has been tremendous over the whole run of Wretched Things,” says Devon.

Ken agrees. “That’s all E.T. Dollman on design, working his technowizardry, and Pete pulling strings. It frees us up to concentrate on just creating the books,” he says.

“Having the book next to other more mainstream stuff on the digital bookshelves helps make it legitimate, which helps potential readers take it more seriously as something they may want to actually spend money on,” he continues “So one part of it is reaching new audiences through the platform, and hopefully having some of those people recommend it to their friends.”

Devon adds, “We’re starting to put together all the pieces and planning logistics for a Kickstarter campaign to get Wretched Things into print, and we hope that having it up on comiXology already will actually help to encourage people to back it. It’s already published, already finished, so Kickstarter fulfillment will be a much quicker process, and there’s already the goodwill built by the fact that the series is done, so we only have to worry about getting rewards and the new print layout together.”

The team has some great advice for other creators who want to take the digital route, too.

“Nail down a proper template before creating any art. There are so many different sets of specs from different companies and printers. ComiXology is no different. Pre-lined bristol board was way off,” Ken says. “Every template I had was off, either too wide or too tall. It actually became a major problem with resizing pages for issue #1 and it was still a problem until part way through #2. During production for #2, we spent a day recreating templates until we got it to fit right.”

Devon adds, “I would also say find a good strategy to promote your work beyond comiXology.”

“If you cannot make your deadlines, let everyone know,” Ken says. “Be up front about it. It sucks, but it happens, so don’t sit on it. Be open with your team.”

You can download Wretched Things here.


Posted by Meredith Nudo