Creators Workshop Member Ramon Gil Presents Senturies!

Senturies is the latest comic book product being launched by one of Comics Experience’s Creators Workshop members! The comic, written by Ramon Gil, tells the story of Alex Ozuka. Alex is a test pilot who discovers a secret about her father, whom she thought was long-dead. He may be alive—and part of a secret team called The Sentries that guards Earth from alien attack.

Ramon has launched a Kickstarter campaign that ends on June 9 to bring Senturies to print. He previously successfully funded two previous comic book campaigns, for The Hard Code and SCIFIES. The Senturies team also includes Marta Tanrikulu, former Comics Experience Operations Manager; and artists Ian Waryanto, Macareña Cortes, Mikiko Ponczeck, and Kevin Stone.

Ramon has been a member of the Comics Experience Creators Workshop since 2014. He received feedback from peers on Senturies in the workshop, where members trade critiques of scripts and art.

“Having this workshopped at CE was great!” Ramon said. “About seven people gave it a look over and gave feedback in regards to pacing, panel choices, story and more. The best was insight into military and Air Force ranks, terms, and procedures! The comments from the other writers were invaluable and I applied as much of it as I could to the final script and book.”

The first ten pages of Senturies are available to read now. Pledge to support it here!


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Posted by Jennifer de Guzman