Introduction to Digital Painting Open for Enrollment!

Comics Experience’s acclaimed Introduction to Digital Painting course is now open for enrollment! Taught by veteran artist Scott Johnson, this course will teach you the techniques necessary to paint objects and characters over existing line drawings.

Scott is a pioneer in the digital illustration field, developing and honing his craft since the late 1990’s. Introduction to Digital Painting is designed to provide a solid overview to students at all different levels of knowledge and skill. It will also zone in on specific techniques for using Photoshop with a pressure sensitive tablet, and will teach you how to render realistic looking objects by understanding light and shadow, color theory, and surface textures

Enrollment is limited, to ensure that all participants enjoy the chance to outline their personal goals and work toward achieving them under the guidance of an experienced professional. Line art will be provided for you to work from, leaving you free to focus exclusively on your painting technique.

Former students have praised the course, and Scott’s technique. “It blew me away with the differences between coloring something, and creating an image with color — no inks laid down, just a pencil draft to work from,” said former student Dan Shipton. “The projects/homework are fun — you could practically feel the excitement through the computer screen for some of the projects, chomping at the bit to get at them.”

The live, online class begins Thursday, July 13 and lasts six weeks, with a skip week for San Diego Comic Con. Seats are limited so enroll now!

Posted by Paul Allor