Gutter Magic: Tales from the Gutter Now on Kickstarter!

If you enjoyed Rich Douek, Brett Barkley, Jules Rivera, and Nic Shaw’s original Gutter Magic miniseries, you’ve got another chance to explore the alternate New York City they lushly brought to life! Gutter Magic: Tales from the Gutter recently launched on Kickstarter, with a talented team of new storytellers to expand the world.

Renae De Liz, Ray Dillon, Eryk Donovan, Erica Rose Levine, and Brett Barkley will be contributing tales building on the creators’ foundation, while Doug Hills, Bree Jordan, Stan Chou, and Kelly Williams will have their art featured as pinups.

“When I was creating Gutter Magic, I realized I was creating a world that had a lot more to it than just Cinder’s story,” says Rich.

“In fact, one of the things Brett and I talked about was depicting the city as a place full of interesting characters and stories – we wanted readers to feel like there were a ton of cool things going on in the background, and with this anthology I’m really excited to explore some of that.”

With so many “new factions, new characters, and [the] discover[y of] new things about how the world works,” Rich is excited to showcase the exciting directions Gutter Magic can go while still remaining true to his original vision.

He says, “Consistency is the most important thing to me, because it’s what ensures that the world will feel real and not arbitrary. Things can get as crazy or far-fetched as you like, but there has to be an internal logic guiding it all, or things are going to ring false.”

“As in most things, good communication and a willingness to put aside your ego and do whatever will make the book or story better,” Rich continues. “It’s not so much a case of working around anyone, it’s more like keeping everyone on the same page so that we’re all working together.”

The Comics Experience community stepped up in a big way to make sure Rich’s first Kickstarter campaign proved a success.

“I did do a lot of research and tried to learn as much as I could from the experiences of friends, like CE’s own Joey Groah and Paul Allor, as well as Tyler James, who, between his ComixTribe Kickstarter sand ComixLaunch program with Jeremy Melloul, has his Kickstarter game down,” he says.

But Comics Experience is involved past the point of helping Rich along. We’ve partnered with this campaign to bring different rewards at different tier levels, including Creators Workshop memberships, previous publications from our partnership with IDW, and even script edits from Mark Sumerak and Molly Lazer and a 1-hour mentorship with Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt!

You can contribute to the campaign here.