New World Building Course Open for Enrollment!

Comics Experience is proud to announce World Building: The Art of Collaboration & World Design, an exciting new course taught by acclaimed instructors Andy Schmidt and Robert Atkins! The five-week course is now open for enrollment, with classes beginning August 3rd.

In this groundbreaking course, students will have the opportunity to watch, behind the scenes, as Andy and Robert build a unique story-world from scratch. Andy is a writer and editor who has worked for Marvel, IDW and many other publishers; Robert is an artist whose credits include Marvel, DC, IDW and Dark Horse. Together, these two industry veterans will walk you through their creative process, from initial brainstorming to developing a story bible to character design.

But all that is just the beginning. This course is also designed to teach you about how to make the most out of every collaboration, and how to create something better than either creative partner could do on their own.

“The most under-discussed aspect of comic book creation is the art of the collaboration, and this course goes heavy into how to not just work together, but how to improve upon each other’s work to get the best that you both can offer,” said Andy. “More than getting along, it’s true collaboration at its best. No comic creator today (save for someone who writes and illustrates his or her own work) can survive in the comics industry without these skills.

“I’ve always said that I want Comics Experience to offer the classes that I wish had been available when I was just starting out. This course is a perfect example of that approach.”

But along with all this valuable information and insight, Andy and Robert also plan to make this course fun, and to showcase the joy of collaboration that lies at the heart of comics making. But enrollment is limited, so check it out now!