Curtis C’s THE WILD COSMOS Now on Kickstarter!

Creators Workshop member Curtis C has teamed up with artist Mauro Mandalari and colorist Harrison Yinfaowei for The Wild Cosmos Kickstarter campaign!

Their second outing on the crowdfunding platform sends readers on a rollicking adventure across the galaxy, where Captain Cooper struggles to maintain his small crew amid a plethora of perils. Unusual for a Kickstarter comic, this one will be in an 8”x12” format.

Curtis says, “I really enjoy reading the bigger sized comics, almost like that European style size. From the way it feels in my hands to just having the bigger sized pages to show off the art, I think 8”x12” will work well for The Wild Cosmos.”

He also notes that the larger pages make it easier for readers to absorb themselves in the lush spreads the team has planned. Curtis is excited to be bringing the team from his first Kickstarter back for some galactic gallivanting, and showcasing how their skills have grown in the interim.

“They are the professionals in each of their fields, so sometimes I have to take a step back and let them experiment and try new ideas,” he says of his relationship with Harrison and Mauro.

“Then you also have to take into account that we’re all in different countries and time zones, as well as some language barriers. But we’ve all been working together for over a year now, and it’s been a pretty smooth process for a while; Google Docs is a life saver.”

Curtis’ time with the Creators Workshop also significantly influenced the direction of The Wild Cosmos.
He says, “Networking and finding collaborators in the Creator’s Workshop has been huge for me. I’ve found help getting logo designs to even editing (and all for free!). That’s huge when you’re just starting out and on a tight budget.”

“Also just being able to pop in and read some scripts is a great resource. It’s helped me with my own writing, from script format, panel descriptions, and more. And I can’t wait to take some of these courses one day!”

You can support The Wild Cosmos here.