Only a Few Spots Left in Intro to Coloring!

EDITED to reflect updated course start dates.

We only have a few slots left in our Introduction to Comic Book Coloring course, which begins on September 18. Veteran colorist Chris Sotomayor will provide personalized instruction on the basics of techniques, development, and finding your own unique style.

Many alumni from the class have gone on to enjoy fulfilling and fun careers in comics. Here’s what they have to say about the experience:

“…Two things were outstanding… The first is the instructor and [the second is the] critiques of our work. Class regularly ran late so that no one was left out, and I learned just as much from the critiques of the other student’s work as I did my own,” say Scott Wegna, co-creator and artist of Atomic Robo.

“One evening we ran an entire hour over, and while it was exhausting, it was great.”

Amy Chu, known for Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death, KISS, and more, says, “For a non-artist like me, this was a great class, largely because Soto is willing to spend his personal time to get you up to speed… I feel like I’m at the point where I can do some basic coloring for some of my shorts and another friend’s strip, which is more than I could have asked for.”

More testimonials about Chris and his skills from former students can be read here.

You can read what he has to say about his curriculum and approach to teaching in this interview.

Remember, Intro to Coloring is required if you wish to move on to Advanced Comic Book Coloring. That course will begin on November 6, shortly after the upcoming introductory course concludes. You can learn more about that course here.

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