Chris Lewis’ MITCH HAMMER on Kickstarter for $1!

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a construction worker deck a caterpillar man in the face – multiple times! – Chris LewisMitch Hammer is now up on Kickstarter! He is joined by Fernando Pinto on art, K. Michael Russell on colors, Nic J. Shaw on letters, and editor Dan Hill for a frenetic adventure full of monsters and mad science.

“These guys are so good to me,” Chris says.

“From the get-go Fernando just completely understood what I was going for in the script. Humor can be very hit-or-miss, but Fernando is a funny guy and he knows how to translate gags onto the page. I don’t think we had to change many of the layouts he sent, except for one sequence where a backhoe rips a science-terrorist out of a building. It’s a… delicate maneuver, and I wanted it just so. I’m nit-picky with my backhoes,” he continues.

“With colorist K. Michael Russell, we just had one long chat at the beginning of the project, talking about the big influence on the book (Warren Ellis’ Nextwave), and he ran with that and turned Mitch into a vibrant blast of pop-infused goodness. Nic J. Shaw then lettered the heck out of the book.”

Mitch Hammer isn’t Chris’ first foray into crowdfunding. His previous, the hardcover release of Karma Police, was published as part of a collaboration with Comics Experience. He lauds planning ahead as the skeleton key for crowdfunding success.

“This time I really tried to do all the work beforehand. I made a plan of what to post and when, and had all the content ready to go – posts written, images formatted, etc.,” he says.

“Also, send your work out early to creators and comics sites, get feedback, and politely ask them to spread the word when the time comes. Everybody is busy, so planning ahead theoretically gives everybody time to react.”

Chris’ time with the Creator’s Workshop community led him to the beautiful, bonkers action-comedy he presents today.

He says, “I think it was through the CE critique process that I learned to give in and make Mitch as weird as I wanted it to be. At one point early in the scripting process, somebody, I can’t remember who it was, saw what I was trying to do, and asked why I wasn’t doing it. A ‘Why aren’t you pushing this all the way?’ type of thing.”

“Now working through the critiques on the forum is always a delicate balancing act, as people are trying to push and pull your story in multiple directions, but once in a while somebody will spot the hidden meaning of the work, and in this case I was lucky enough to recognize it. I think CE helped me develop a capacity for learning when and how to listen to others. And, yeah, this also comes in really handy down the road when you’re working with an editor,” he continues.

Backing options for a PDF start at only $1, with more exciting art, comics, audio commentary, signed scripts, and more as the levels increase! You can fund the Kickstarter campaign here.