Jennifer de Guzman’s “The Vesta” Now on the Comic Book Script Archive!


A new script has been added to the Comic Book Script Archive, presented by Comics Experience!

  • The Vesta, originally published in Womanthology: Space, was written by Comics Experience’s own marketing manager extraordinaire Jennifer de Guzman! Leigh Dragoon contributed the artwork, and Robbie Robbins lettered the work.

She says of the story and her process:

“When I wrote the script, I didn’t know who would be drawing it, so I’m very specific in it, right down to font choices. (The amazing Leigh Dragoon was chosen as the artist, and she blew me away with her awesomeness.) Since the story was short, I wanted it to be a concise illustration of a specific theme — that of dissociation. There’s something called Solipsism Syndrome that people who live for some time in space can experience. When their environment is so tightly controlled and unchanging, they can begin to feel like it isn’t real, that everything is almost like a set in a play that doesn’t really exist outside of their own minds. NASA produced a study about living in space that describes it very vividly: ‘The whole of life becomes a long dream from which an individual can never wake up. Each person is trapped in a nightmare. Even friends are not real, they are a part of the dream. A person feels very lonely and detached, and eventually becomes apathetic and indifferent.’ So Shriya’s story in The Vesta is of a woman who is losing touch with her surroundings and is trying desperately to reconnect, to feel something.”

We encourage any and all aspiring creators out there to check out both The Vesta and the Comic Book Script Archive as a whole for inspiration and information about writing compelling comics.

Major thanks once more to Jennifer for her generosity!

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Posted by Meredith Nudo