Ken Perry’s NEXT DANCE Now Up on Kickstarter

Comics Experience alum Ken Perry has teamed up with writer Anna Leue for a brand new Kickstarter! The Next Dance blends multiple genres for a unique and evocative tale of grief and renewal. The comic has been completed, and the campaign sponsors a print run to bring the vivid story to life.

“The first seed of this story was inspired by a song. It took a few years for that original inspiration to crystallize into an actual narrative, and by the time it did I knew I had a pretty unusual project on my hands. Part romance, part horror story, more than a little sad but also funny and sweet and ultimately hopeful,” says Anna.

“I knew a story like this, one that didn’t fit neatly into any traditional genres, was going to need a brilliant artist to bring it to life. It took me a couple of tries to find the right person for the job, but when Ken and I finally sat down and started working out character concepts, I realized that his unique approach was exactly what this story needed.”

Ken says, “Like so many collaborations today we have never met in person even though Anna only lives about 150 miles away. Being more into the horror, action, and noir styles I would often push the art in that direction and Anna would need to pull me back. More than once I would get an email from her about how she thought what I did was great, but a screaming headshot of Hayley looking crazed and in fear for her life wasn’t really appropriate for the scene.”

“She was right. There were also times when I’d push the mood or emotion in a scene and she would be happily surprised, it wasn’t what she had in mind but pushing it to the extreme made for a more dramatic sequence. It was a great collaboration as neither of us let ego get in the way and working together to craft a book that blends a fun mix of genres,” he continues.

The artwork, all in black and white, switches between bright and brooding. Ken contrasts “light and airy” scenes with weightier moments to follow protagonist Hayley through her journey of physically and mentally healing from a major trauma.

You can support Ken and Anna’s The Next Dance – maybe even pick up some new art for your collection – here.

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Posted by Meredith Nudo